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595 · Nov 2018
nilbert Nov 2018
Everyone's gardens flourish

but mine still hasn't grown.
391 · Oct 2018
nilbert Oct 2018
I wish I could go somewhere
to escape it all.
277 · Nov 2018
nilbert Nov 2018
The sun is so bright
When what I'm really wishing for is night.
However you interpret this.
268 · Nov 2018
nilbert Nov 2018
Drown in my tears
and let the darkness envelop me.
246 · Oct 2018
The Door
nilbert Oct 2018
Does it not feel hurt
When you slam it?
222 · Nov 2018
nilbert Nov 2018
Tears well up in our eyes

but we learn to keep them inside.

burrow them deep into your soul

and never let them go.

until it's too late.
176 · Dec 2018
nilbert Dec 2018
It's hard to not long for warmth
when you're tied to the cold.

— The End —