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Sep 2016 · 352
Just another daydream..
Nikkia Zephier Sep 2016
I dreamt of you again
I don't remember what I said
The thought of you
Your touch
I feel my cheeks turn red
I close my eyes
  as though it might
    help erase you from my sight

Just another daydream in my head

The clouds push away until I see the Sun
The glare hurts just to look but not enough to make me run
An idea I created in the backseat of my mind
I thought that it would fade but it grew steady all this time
Blossoming chrysanthemums burst red
from the bright star shining out
I feel my chest explode with hope as my mind is drowned in doubt

Another daydream in my head

Why must I fall into this lust for love so hopelessly
My eyes ablaze my mind a maze
No longer can I see
Walking in the dark not knowing east from west
But the glow burns light into my skin And I follow as I guess

Just another daydream in my head

— The End —