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My precious angel heaven sent from above,
when God placed you in my arms I felt unconditional love.

Everyday I am amazed that your sweet little soul,
has made my life so complete and whole.

I gaze into your eyes and it's hard to believe,
it's like I'm staring at a mirror image of me.

When we're sitting on the porch and I sing you a tune,
you understand every word and respond with "ah goo".

As I hold you in my arms and you grin ear to ear,
I know im my heart that I'm mother of the year!
My Cuddlebugs,                                        November 25th, 2010

Good night and sleep tight
     say your prayers every night.
Have pleasant, sweet dreams
     of laughing and playful screams,
and of your joyful friends
     flying kites in the wind
or kicking the ball
     through the leaves of Fall.

Remember this
     and it's first on my list
I'll love you forever
     and we'll soon be together
Our bond is so strong
     to try and break would be wrong.
You're in my heart always
     in my prayers all the days.
To not have you here,
     I shed tear after tear
I'm counting down to the day
     I bring you back home to stay.

What's happening to us isn't fair and you'll see
     that your smiles and laughter belong home with me.
Until then be strong
     even though this is wrong
and again soon our home will have laughter and cheer,
     running and jumping with Iron Man and Buzz Lightyear.
So, until that day I too will be strong
     and together we can go to infinity and beyond!


— The End —