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Nigel Obiya Apr 2013
Committing is hard
Committing adultery?... Not so much
Oh, you want to act like I just crossed a line?
...Uhhh... I don't think I did... not so much
Relationship’s scarred
But you know how good that forbidden pleasure is… to place your hands on that which you’ve been told ‘ Do not touch’
You know it is true
Oh… you do know that, I know you do
You've been there before… you probably didn't even mean to score
But somehow you did
And she ended up in your bed
Well, no need to get into detail… enough said
But wait, I just cannot stop there
This one is for the groom who, at the altar, vows as solemnly as he is able to swear
Never to betray his bride, but thinks... ‘well, depending on the level of hotness of the Au Pair’
Loyalty has a life span, and so does Trust
And what an enemy they have in this character called Lust
‘Tis  just but the truth I speaketh…  one that we see
Our mindsets should adjust drastically if we ever hope to be…
Of the possibility
That we might cheat…
For when I look around society at the moment, all I see…
Is a bunch of people with the potential to commit adultery
Oh! Oh!
You know it's true... 'Nobody knows where the nose goes when the doors are closed'... Oh! Oh!

*inspired by two lines from
'Quentin Briscoe'
Nigel Obiya Apr 2013
I know… I know
You don't have to say it twice
I know… I know
I see it now… I realize
That I really need to quit being nice
To quit being good to everyone, because some of these people don't care about anyone…
But themselves
They would never make a move to help anyone, unless by making that move they would also be helping themselves
This realization of mine, is emphasized by the sharp pain caused by this blade that is lodged into the base of my spine
Still with a slight limp and a wince, I move forward
Stabbed in the back by a pathetic, selfish coward
Story of my life
Sorry, but my strife…
Isn't with them
It’s with me
For allowing it
That is how I came to this situation…
And I am now in it
So, I could either choose to be buried alive… which would leave me dead in the end
Or dig my way out against the falling dirt, blatant truth against all that is pretentious… wage war against all who pretend
I say to them, “If I can afford to call myself out on my own faults and speak to me that which is true…
I'll be ****** if from this day forward, I'm going to be lenient with you”

I'm done.
'nuff sed!
Nigel Obiya Apr 2013
To all those that were reading my last piece,'Split personality' I had to take it down sadly after it had trended to a hundred reads in 3 hrs. But I wrote quickly and used the word 'cohabit' without realizing what it implied... you throw that in with 'brotherly loyalty' and the whole piece just reads a lot gay... now, I'm not hating on gay people... I just don't swing that way, wouldn't want my poems to give off the wrong impression... all said and done... I have just had a good laugh at my own expense hahahahaha
*still laughing... Thanks for supporting my work though LOL!
Nigel Obiya Apr 2013
I used to be passionate about my music
So passionate
I fear I’m waning now
I’m still as good, still practice… and can still do it better than the average emcee
But I fear I’m waning now
The rush I would get when I stepped into the booth… or into a rap battle
I don’t feel it so much these days
I fear it is becoming mechanical… becoming just something I can do… and less something I itch to do
I fear I’m losing interest
‘I fear’ this because I cannot afford to lose interest
This is my life
How does one go on without his identity?
I lift my hands in the air and pray to He that is the supreme entity
I cannot be this good and not enjoy every second of it
I live, breathe… I am hip hop
I simply love it
But I fear I'm waning
Even though I'm still recording
Been at this for so long my heart is getting cold
The ***** is frosting
How much longer can I keep this up?
This is getting exhausting
I need a break… I need to break free
This gift is beginning to feel like a curse
The frustration might just break me
The progress, if any, is so slow
I’m afraid I might be hitting the wall… I just don't know no more.
This is not one of my favourite writing moments... but I had to write something...
Nigel Obiya Apr 2013
We are a dangerous lot
We play a dangerous game
We know this…. But keep at it all the same

We are wild, not tame
We roam this vast, wild, sometimes friendly… sometimes unfriendly… plain
This sun scorched wilderness, this rough terrain

We get to carry a burden, such a heavy load
To work our way up the food chain
Life is a ragged road

To stand up and face a predator
While still preying on vulnerable prey
This is how it is, the law of the jungle

This line doesn’t belong here right? Still... I should probably end it with something that rhymes, like ‘pray’

The law of the strong
The jaw that can snap a neck bone
The claw of the jungle

The dominant ones have their way… it’s quite clear
The lesser ones will cower in fear
And those that spectate watch from a distance, and do not interfere

Let nature take its course
I have said enough, I await your feedback, for  this poem was metaphorical and not literal… of course
And so, kindly, if you will... engage me, the author, in profound discourse.
Nigel Obiya Apr 2013
What am I… if I am not gentle?
What am I… if I am not meek?
What am I if I am not humble?
Jah’s word tells me to be these… it makes me stronger, not weak

How is it then…
That  I get over certain issues, put them behind me
Then like a typical human being, my **** mind reminds me how to make a mistake, so I go back to these issues and revisit them?
I am human
I err
I am human… just like ‘him’… just like  ‘her’
I lose inspiration, and then regain it and compose a piece… my poetic tattoo… my permanent scar
Well, I’m back now… again I return
Full of things to say… or write about
Tragic stories… scorching flames from a fiery soul… yes, today I burn
I let the flames engulf my whole being
I let the dancing mix of red and yellow around me be enough
For me… right now
The only answer to my soul being… this
And passion being the question
Pure bliss
A satisfactory sensation
I am…
My own fire starter
I could care less about making a good impression

What am I… if I am not gentle?
What am I… if I am not meek?
What am I if I am not humble?
Jah’s word tells me to be these… it makes me stronger, not weak.
Nigel Obiya Mar 2013
Uhuru Kenyatta... entertaining, eloquent... and we all know he smokes ****... did not vote for him, but I congratulate him and I'm excited about the idea of having him as my president for the next five years.

Cheers Uheezy...
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