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Nigel Obiya Mar 2013
I urge that we make ourselves proud… of us
I urge that we go into and come out of these polls sober minded, responsible, uncorrupted, without ‘fight’ or ‘fuss’
I urge that a joyous feeling of an evolving nation moving forward be the only thing we can, in hindsight, say erupted… this upcoming Monday, the following Tuesday
I would like to state that a people gunning for peace in these coming days is the only topic I would like to be following in the news today
We should see what’s coming as the change of guard it is… and not as a dreaded doomsday
You may be black… I may be white, or vice versa… and that’s alright
We shouldn't even be asking ourselves “Who’s grey?”
I will vote with one heart for one country… my country
A country in which I’m confident can keep the peace, you see, we’re kind of good at this
I know this because we've had quite a bit of practice
I know this because deep down we all want to make peaceful transitions be the Kenyan way
I know, I hope… and whenever necessary, I pray
Happy voting.
Nigel Obiya Feb 2013
I think of that one person out there… that could have been me
Overflowing with talent, but he let it go to his head
The person that made a wish, and later on wished that he hadn't…
Watch where your mind goes...
*in the first line I meant that 'I could easily have been that person' as opposed to the self righteous way it may read... I felt the need to clarify that...
Nigel Obiya Feb 2013
We are a funny lot
As in, seriously… we delve into ‘funny’ a lot
Very rarely does a day go by
That I don’t come across something that cracks my funny bone…
Or as a Kenyan would put it ‘makes me just die!’
Body bag
The Kenyan
This specimen of human is always quick and capable of ridiculing anyone’s apparent "swag"
Everyone gets a turn here… so do not huff when you’re ‘it’
There must be a reason you joined this dissing game… this unique Kenyan version of ‘tag’
Just remember
The rules are simple, really
Keep it above the belt, unless upon exception...
They also clearly allow one to feign concession
Yes, these rules highly encourage strategic deception
Kind of like what our politicians do before the main election
But also if you paint a target on your back… you will get shot at...
By everyone… and I mean everyone
I haven’t seen anyone do that and elude the social media firing squad yet
Computers and phones in this case, acting as the internet's version of the bayonet
And watch closely if you’re ‘it’… for the inevitable, the friends that will stab you in the back
It’s bound to happen, as much as this may ****
The memes will come by the truck load… in what may seem like a self driven truck…
With a life of its own
Just ask Susan Mirfat
The most recently owned!
We’re a funny lot I tell you
Loose cannons almost
Our leaders’ shenanigans, our parents’ semantics and our own clownish antics…
Prove that despite…
How mature as a country we've become…
We’re still all just a bunch of children, inside.
Oh... how I love these clowns I call my brothers and sisters....

Follow this link to get a feel of what I'm talking about...
Nigel Obiya Feb 2013
Initially it was… “Oh no! Death!... Why now?”
Then it became… “Death… not you again? Not now.”
And now it’s more like… “Death… dude! It’s me again, take a bow!”
No one takes me seriously anymore
In the era of plagues I would wipe out whole towns and villages, it would make sense now that I should be able to take many more
But sadly this is not the case
Nobody takes the Grim Reaper seriously anymore
I find myself picking up crumbs left for me by doctors and surgeons, if only to save face
This pride that has been taken from me… even a suicide bomber or a mass murderer cannot help replace
I find myself, ironically, in a dark place
And it kills me to admit it
Medical breakthroughs, my biggest hindrance… this technology, I must beat it
These humans are getting cocky… even teasing me, again holding my pride at ransom
Taking unnecessary risks all in the name of thrill seeking, I see you Richard Branson!
I should have taken you while you were still a ******
To take you out would give me such joy… so much joy, a satisfaction level of which you cannot even imagine
But so far… you’re winning
You all seem to be
It’s different now from how it was in the beginning
The simplicity of your ways then made the job a lot simpler for me
Now you play this game, and cheat me at it… constantly
You cocky little *******
I hate you
Look at all of you smirking over there… toasting at me.
Ohhhh mein! He did it again! This Nigel Character! :D
Nigel Obiya Feb 2013
I’m unable to write a thing
I feel kind of exhausted, like I’m done with this life
But realize that I still need to fight… a thing
Still need to make music
Still need to write…
To compose these ones right… to sing
But I feel like something is out to get me… at every turn
Like life’s trying to sweat me
With every burn…
‘Keep hand further away from the heated pan’
A lesson I’d learn
I bring…
Myself to the realization that…
I’m at ‘peace’ in my heart
At war in my mind
And it is but a plain fact known to me
That it will come to pass
And then…
What will I find…
In the end?
*Just thinking out loud...
Nigel Obiya Feb 2013
Something does not become fact merely because it was written thousands of years ago, if I wrote ‘I am headed to Atlantis to get my gills cleaned.’… and someone found this 20,000 years later, it would be stupid for them to jump to the conclusion that ours was a time of mermen and submerged cities… I’m just saying, don’t take everything as gospel. #foodforthought
Sometimes when I see archaeologists get all excited about a new discovery that is supposedly thousands of years old... I wonder, what if there was that one guy that thought it would be a good idea to ***** with people in the future, and write some totally unrealistic nonsense... like 'the book that can't be read'?. I could certainly pull off  a similar stunt, It's just that I like to see the reactions of the people I prank... I'm not that patient.
Nigel Obiya Feb 2013
This is a gamble
Yes, I’m playing ‘words’
Life can turn out to be such a shamble
That makes the playing hard
Some have more excitement than others…
But we are still playing the same odds
We have been explained to the truth
But not necessarily in the same words
If you happened to realize that you had fulfilled your purpose, would you request an honourable death?
Or find a second calling?
Would you cash in your chips?
Or have another go at it?
Another go… again
All in?
Sometimes one needs to just take the leap
Thinking twice could just be an excuse to keep stalling
Taking the leap and ascending to a higher level, or thinking…
‘At least I tried… I am content with that fact, despite the fact that I’m falling’
Either way, one cannot have another ‘today’
Another ‘now’
Another ‘present’
Appreciate it today
Appreciate it now
Heard this in a movie once…
Now is a gift, that’s why they call it the present
These come in no order or rehearsed flair
I’m gambling… I’m playing ‘words’
With my thoughts most recent
Yes, I dare.
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