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Nicola Pentland Mar 2013
Take a deep breath...
Hold it for ten,
Let it all loose,
And start all over again.
Nicola Pentland Mar 2013
I know this feeling too well.
I have stood here before,
My feet will feel like they are glued to the floor,

Next A single tear will run down my cheek,
and then I will struggle to even speak,

I will stand there shaking,
While deep inside my heart will be breaking,

How could you do this again?
Lie to me and pretend?
Nicola Pentland Aug 2012
Oh my gorgeous little friend,
I wish you only the best,
On me you do depend,
Always putting my memory to the test,

You always want to try new things,
like fruit and veg but also sweets,
You get treated like one of the kings,
I’m constantly allowing you treats,

You’re beautiful and you’re fluffy,
You’re extremely soft to the touch,
Although you are sometimes huffy,
I hope you love me as much,

My little teddy bear hamster,
Alone in your cage,
I hope I’m not a disaster,
Because you have to age.
Nicola Pentland Jul 2012
If you asked me if I loved you,
What was I to say?
You knew my feelings had changed,
From what went on that day,

Since then I have had some dreams,
And in these I’m running away,
And I just keep on running,
To make you stay at bay,

You have been a nightmare,
Treating me like a buffet,
Picking and choosing my person,
And deciding what should stay,
But now who is laughing, darling’
I’m having the feast of the day,

And if you are looking for forgiveness,
You will need to pray,
I will never be a door-mat,
For you’ve treated me that way

— The End —