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Nicholas Myers Aug 2015
There you go again,
Dancing across dew drops.
Spinning your sticky shapes into something beautiful and deadly.
But I keep falling into you,
Like a firefly who lost its wings in the wind,
And fell straight into your crooked silk embrace.

Oh how many webs have you spun to feed your hunger?
Your insatiable appetite for devouring my skin and bones.
"Taste me," I scream, snapping off limbs in the struggle.
Feast on my flesh.
Go on, take it all.
I’ll bleed again for you tomorrow.
Nicholas Myers Jul 2015
Somewhere between here and there I found you.
And at first I couldn’t quite believe it.
Tired eyes grow accustomed to the dark if you live there long enough.
Even then, I always loved the way the sun set every night to give the moon a chance to shine.
They say a butterfly can flap its wings and cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.
But one flick of your eyelashes could do so much more.
Your love circles laps inside me, consuming everything it touches.
Until what’s left of me, is simply you.
Bodies. Minds. Souls. Uniting as one.
Lost no more.
Nicholas Myers Mar 2015
Letters lodge in my lumpy throat.
So I swallow them back down like the handful of pills my stomach keeps
They too hate darkness and long for escape.
Determined words form and splinter through veins.
Coil and cut.
Barbed, they tear through my bloodstream,
and push up against paper-white skin, like braille you could never read.
Suffocating, the words form a simple question.
Clot my heart and choke to death, or let them flow out through my finger tips onto the many drafts I've bled over?
I fetch my typewriter for another long night.
Nicholas Myers Jan 2015
Head spinning in kaleidoscopic daydreams,
I turn and I turn.
Your tongue traces lines across my skin,
pirouettes and flicks.
I moan the only song we'll ever know.

Needlepoint nails on your bony fingers
scratch against scars,
plays sadness and despair.
Sounds amplify in hollow chest,
echoes in the chambers of my beating heart.

Dance to the record of my broken body.
For tomorrow - just crackles and
Nicholas Myers Jan 2015
Blue speckled eggs fell from nest,
peppered the pavement with
splintered fragments.
I couldn't bear to see another thing break.
I never thought I could fall apart so easily
until the day I heard my ribs crack and snap like twigs,
my rejected heart forced out onto the floor.
I think of those birds now.
And how you stood there, arms outstretched.

Some safety nets look like hands.
And they hold me together better than my own skin.
But even hands have gaps between the fingers.
And I keep slipping through.
I keep slipping through.
Nicholas Myers Dec 2014
Fingernails claw at porcelain skin.
Furiously they scratch and scour.
Layer after layer I become unstuck.
Unravelled. Undone.
Picked at the seams.

I dig and I dig.
Hoping to find the piece of me you didn't like.
Or the piece of you in me that keeps me awake at night.

Nail on bone, I find ribcage.
I find the remnants of my incarcerated heart.
Too weak to set it free,
I leave it there, barely beating.
Some things should never be unearthed.

— The End —