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I don't miss the laughs
Nor do I miss the tears
I miss the pain we shared
The suffering we endured

No one understood our pain
The suffering we endured
Except for us.
Only we knew what it felt like

What we shared
What we had
Was more than just a story
It's as our life

A life we all shared
A life only we knew
One of my happiest moments while facing depression was when I met a group of people about 5 years ago who was going through something similar to me.
The irony of it is that we found happiness in our pain.
Gunned down by my thoughts
I mourned your death
Only to be the one who pulled the trigger

Blood dripping from my arms
I protected myself
Only to be the one who cut myself

Gunned down by my enemies
I regret not protecting you
Only to be the one who joins you
When days were grim
An angel appeared
When days were dark
She lit a way

A way towards you
We were strangers at first
And yet you knew my pain
You knew my soul

In darkest of days
You lit my world
Gave me love
When no one would
I drown my sorrows
Hoping to become happy
I burn my pain
Hoping to become stronger

I reject love
And embrace hate instead
In fear of losing myself
Yet I lost myself

While drowning my sorrows
and burning my pain
My sorrows became my happiness
And my pain became my strength

I reject love
And embrace hate instead
Only to protect you
From what I have become
As I feel a breeze on me.
I feel your touch on me.
It's a soothing touch.

A loving touch.
A touch I can not resist.

I tried so hard.
Yet failed so miserably.

Have you put a spell on me.
Or have I just fallen deeply for you.

For your touch is calming
Your touch is caring
And I have fallen miserable
Being crucified by society
Just because I'm different
Labelled me as an outcast
Just for the way I think

They want me to bow down
And follow their rules
But how can I
If all they do is deceive

We live in a free world
Yet no one knows freedom
We claim we our own person
Yet we all slaves

When will we realise
Choice is but an illusion
And society a dictator
In a world full of love
We are hated
In a world full of hate
We are loved

Feelings overwhelm us
And our thoughts consume us
We battle ourselves
We battle our hearts

Sometimes we lose
Yet no one sees our loss
And no seems to care

Sometimes we win
Yet no one sees our victory
And no one seems to support

Rather then judging one another
Love one another
After the death of Chester Bennington I was inspired to write this piece.
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