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Play with words like an toy,
Shoot with words like gun,
Stabbe with words like knife,
Rise like sun in the morning,
Bright like a moon at night,
Be your own light,
Stay focus like an soldier,
Be strong like waves,
Bounce your words like basketball,
Hit your words like a tennis,
Kick you words like ,
Keep your words like goalkeeper,
Never lose shape of your word,
Stay strong with your work


I will leave like leafs when they leave trees,
I will just listen to the sound of the weaves,
I will explode like an volcano,
I will not swim oceans for you,
I will change from spring to autorm,
I will change from summer to winter.

Star's are shattered to stones,
Rain change to be weaves,
Castle is built on the hills,
Moon change to be the shinning sun,
Everything has changed ,
Now I can't be  around you,
Grasses ain't green,
Grasses are brown,
Everything just happen,
Trees are falling down,

My hands smell, the smell of mango,
More like amarula trees,
I'm living like dead poses,
I'm falling apart like shouting star,
Everything seems to be afar,
I'm burning in the name of  love,
My feelings are failing, everything falling above,
I can't be around you,
Everything is turning around,
Life revolves like the shape of the earth.....

I will keep quiet like stone,
Even when I'm in pain,
I will stay placid and serene,
I will let my tears be the rain,
My anger will feed universe,
My body will be eaten by dog,
I will be an dead pose,
This is my sittle song,
I will listen to my heart beat,
Nothing is ravishing,
I'm feeling lot of heat,

I'm living dead alive,
I'm half to heaven,
More like I'm dancing in tarven,
I can even see sky near my orb,
I can even touch the clouds,
I have nothing more.

My tears are rolling on my cheek,
My blood is running in my body,
Nothing seems to be meek,
Everything thing is cloudy,
Oh quite song to my heart,
No one see I'm hurt,
But I Singh like funeral song,
This is my quite song

I wish I knew,
Everything seem new,
I'm draining in drain,
With anger and pain,

Left alone on the rain,
I've got nothing to gain,
But I'm fooled in love,
I'm feeling so naive,

I was drunk in love,
I wish I didn't believe,
I'm left alone so lonely,
Nothing is comely,

Time to put my tail in my legs,
To let time pass and sun to site,
Moon to rise with star,s
With lot of scars,

I'm fooled in love,
I wish I didn't believe,
This was never love,
It was mistaken love...

you love me right,
Love high like tall trees,
Strong love like waves,
More like love birds,
Our love is stable,
It doesn't shake like grass,
Everything is possible,
We perfect no stress,
Our love shine like silver,
Our love bright like diamond,
I look so happier,
No one can comprehend,

I will swim ocean to be with you,
I will fly floads to the there,
I will ascape earthquake,
I will cross lake,
I will be with you,
Dark or blue, Red or black,

This is not a lie,
You are my sweet pie,
My bone of my bone,
You make me to glow,
To see shine,
To wanna bow.
I can't even lie,
I'm in love with you ....
You are so beautiful,
I'm starting to be delightful,
where are you coming from ,
your beauty kills me depper,
your tone is placid,
oh so dapper,
you're not acrid,
you such an beautiful dove,
no one can believe,
oh pictures perfect ,
singing in my ears,
smile of shinning stars,
no one can match your beauty
So fickle, us humans are
Running through mazes made by our hearts
Explaining with our minds what once eluded us
Right when we seem to arrive at an ultimate conclusion,
Yet again, we are struck by confusion

The mind has silly loops and trivial rationalizations
We think we know what is well for us and define ourselves with good terms like "smart" and "well-adjusted", "responsible", "successful", maybe even "beautiful" or "dapper" if we're feeling especially confident
But we will never be able to observe ourselves without bias,
And even those who are able to observe our strengths and vices still aren't able to escape the lense of their unique and ingrained bias

So what other way is their to say it,
But that we are merely rats stuck in a maze
Trying to transcend the mediocrity of the maze with reason, or imbue it with meaning, or rely on a religious agenda that promises to save humankind from the vexation of the maze
For we have a flickering inkling, an intuition that has no words
That life was meant to be lived outside of the maze,
Free from it's rigorous and soul draining expectations.
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