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Nehal Omer Sep 2016
with a feeling to escape
not from YOU
but from my very own self

hope once gleamed in my eyes
had wings always ready to glide

now my heartaches
with labyrinths of regrets

no lustre can overcome this
as the shadow of darkness dwells In

just trapped
with the feeling to escape
as everyday passby.
Nehal Omer Sep 2016
what is luck .....
Why for me it never works....
some says more u try  ...more u get....
then why in my case it ends in regret...
in admist of ni8....
thinking helpless hoplesss....
what is luck ....what is luck:(
Nehal Omer Sep 2016
I wish I could tell you
but I have no words to say
dreams of us together
is only a wish that wont come true
as I have fallen for someone other than you
all those years you never said a word
so tell me how I would have listened?
you ill be alive as a sweet memory
reminding me how selfless one can be....

— The End —