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Always Second Jun 19
Love always wins
It’s just a matter of time
And if the time never comes
It will continue to exist
Always Second May 25
Every word that shatters my heart
Every silence that aches through my veins
Every thought that I don’t wanna start
Every time you push me away

I find strength in the littlest place
I find hope you’ll come back again
I find love in the saddest state
I find reasons under my skin so thin

Why it still feels right
To hold on to you so tight
I miss you
Always Second May 17
And my soul is tired.
Always Second May 14
Some say to hold onto love loosely
So that when they leave
It won’t exit so painfully
Love is so vulnerable
And with you I won’t choose
The painless route
If this pain is all I’ll have left of you
I won’t ever regret these scars
I will embrace them
And nurture each slit
For they’ve become
A part of me
These beauty marks
Are abstract and divergent
They continue to grow
And narrate a tale
Of our everlasting romance
Always Second Apr 19
I kindly ask for forgiveness
For my overwhelming endearment
The connection between us
Showered my soul with fulfillment
I tripped over my own deed
As you ****** parts of me untouched
And this I express respectfully
To the girl I loved too much
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