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Navarana Apr 2014
I think too much
About everything
That is why I do not care
I am too scared

I have a distorted mind
I cannot control it
It makes me shiver
Even on the sunniest day

I want to do nice things
and be good
but everything does not matter
in my distorted mind

I am no good for anyone
You cannot see it right now
but it will come

You should just not know me
Navarana Mar 2014
I slip into these weird
moods every now and

I want to be in my own
little world and mind

But I do not want to miss
out on anything that happens
Navarana Mar 2014
You and I
It felt right
At a point
But really
It could not work
We are the same
We are very much alike
You just can't see it
Can you?
Not at all
We are both contorted
I have a twisted mind
I am twisted in every way
Too twisted for you to handle it
I understand that
At least you could give me a shot
Just one
And I will show you
Show you how I can be
Show you the real me
Navarana Mar 2014
Be with me
I crave you
I waNt you
JuSt you and me
We cAn satisfy each other
in ways others will Not understand
We can become one
One body
WrIte To me
Hear me
I crave You
This poem was something I wrote right before I feel asleep and dreamt a nightmare-ish dream. I do not even remember that I wrote it. It was just there in front of me on a piece of paper when I woke up.
Navarana Mar 2014
Her gaze upon you is
Her fingers are no longer
Her face has no expression

Enter the woods

Her white lips are sealed
Her skin ages and dries
Her brown vivid eyes grows

Enter the woods

Enter the woods

Her flesh rots off of her
Her eyeballs pops out of her
Her bony gaze is

Enter the woods

Enter the woods

Enter the **woods
Navarana Mar 2014
Areolas rise
It is no surprise
She will not acknowledge
Oh this I have to demolish
Normally I feel numb
But she hits my inner drum
Navarana Feb 2014
She went into the forest
The darkness soaked her up
Into the forest she went.

The deer
It has no fear
She went into the forest.

The fox
to thee it talks
Into the forest she went.

The crow
thy anxiety will grow
She went into the forest.

Death shall occur
What will thee prefer?
She went into the forest.
Into the forest she went.
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