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Nathaniel R Horn Apr 2014
You’re chains feel heavy
You’re will is beat
You let your enemies
Call you weak

You trap yourself in a corner
You claim that you are free
Then you draw up imaginary borders
Claiming you can’t leave

You’ve been handed a life raft
But refuse to use it
You’d rather drown on this path
Than admit you can’t do it

You keep breaking the hearts
Of those close to you
Those who have been with you from the start
Don’t know how much longer they can stay with you
Nathaniel R Horn Dec 2013
You know you're hot
I mean you're smokin'
There ain't nothing you not got
While I'm sitting here tokin.
While I'm on this trip
You've got the nicest eyes,
But the greatest hips.
Man girl, do you even try?
I can[t wait till you dance
So I can come join you
Your perfect beauty put me in a trance
While my heart you slew
But wen I come off this journey
All I've said is BS; baloney
An anti sonnet, like William Shakespeare's Sonnet 130
Nathaniel R Horn Dec 2013
Your long blonde curls
The Labyrinth my hands can't wait
To travel through to find your waist
As we start to unfurl

Your soft pale hands
Sensually finding their way to mine.
Making my wrist lose track of time
If only  could have been a man

For those dreams happened in my head
Because I was more scared
For the actual love we shared

I'm glad those days are dead
Well, almost there
Because I want you to be mine, never to share
This is a revision of a Petrarchan Sonnet I wrote for class. This is probably one of my favorite poems I have ever written.
Nathaniel R Horn Nov 2013
Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder why you are
Oh so very shy

You always run to hide
Only to show your face
Turn beet red with shame
And then run away

Even all of your siblings
Do exactly the same
In that wide open field

Why don't you get my signal
For me to make my wish
Why are you so selfish?
Nathaniel R Horn Oct 2013
Standing on the devil's spine
Looking out on the abyss
Of lost green souls caught on brown pikes
Thinking of what would happen
If I joined their ranks
Then I notice
I am falling
Looking at the head
Of the devil himself
Grinning at his new soldier
As I look
Upon my soul's decent
I cherish the freedom
Of that falling sinner
For it's time to start over
And finish the walk across
Nathaniel R Horn Sep 2013
When the moon is full
And I squint just a bit
It forms a dove
That brings much bliss
When depression grips
Nathaniel R Horn Sep 2013
Oh awake ye child with starry-teared eyes
Awake to find ye’s torment is over
Thy oppression is over
Thee is set free

Free to frolick
Free to play
Free to wipe
Thine tears away

Don’t entertain memories
Of thy betraying parents
For their place has been saved
In not this bliss
But they shall pay
Tenfolds the pain

Hark! Look ahead
Ye clean, smiling babe
For in the light there be
A new set of parents
Come to smother with love
And mend the tears
Of the scarred up heart
And the crying babe
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