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Natasha K Jan 2015
Without You
Within the world
Without scars
Within overwhelming doubt
Without laughter lines
Without crow's feet
Within my world
and within loneliness
Without You
Natasha K Jan 2015
He walks
I walk
But not warm to him
So it is time
To run
Far over
This line
Over this line
And I bruise him
Too far to notice
The raw areas
Swallow his skin
I turn
Distraction to
Replace running
But eyes willing
Burning the line

But it remains
Because he is blue
Because I am blue
The line merely extending
The pain
Him covered
In bruises
In me
The line burnt across his outside
Natasha K Jan 2015
See all these roses lined up on the floor
Like rows of cold bodies lusting no more
And why, these roses, they’re all just for you
So know I am one lying right next to you
Natasha K Jan 2015
She sketched stars in the darkness
But scars emptied her bliss
And eyes of her loved ones were stained

She held pain in her hourglass
Each grain was just a life past
And the seams on her heart had unstitched

Her heart just kept slowing
Her hope was just going
Her sorrow never showing
Sleepless till death

She whispered thoughts of hiding
Of all alone dying
And her love for life was now frozen

So what’s wrong
With my soul
And how long is it going to take
For me to pass

Her heart just kept slowing
Her hope was just going
Her sorrow never showing
Sleepless till death
Natasha K Jan 2015
How to smile
Forget how to
How can I possibly remember
All dusty lips and lips
That should pierce and

I can see them
The smiles
But I know there is something
They use blades
Bleeding smiles

Red runs
Coats an entire feeling
Soaks into soft clothing
A stain

He will smile
She will smile
I smile
Smiling to match their smiles
But all I watch are gashes
Torn open
To let reasons not to smile escape
Natasha K Jan 2015
It is hard to cry
But your cheeks feel better, wetter
And it's hard to scar
But your skin stops getting uglier when bloodier
It is hard to hurt
But peaceful dreaming comes with screaming
And it's hard to
Wake up
And open your mind to this
Natasha K Jan 2015
Throughout my sorrow
I do lie
I do whisper
And this sorrow grows
It leaks from me
Barely visible
But there
I become
More sorrow
Less sorrow
Enough sorrow
As if there were a limit
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