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Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
Locker 36
Brought about much bliss
How you twisted my **** and made me free
You were locker 38
Just two spaces down from me
I'd stare at you from a far
In the lunch room
Just hoping one day you would see
The hair you had spiked to the t
With hands gentle
And a smile so soft
You said your name was Stacy
But that I could take to calling you Jack
You loved when I called you Jack
You also enjoyed football,wrestling and tickle fights
I adored things like that
I bet I could pin you down in three seconds flat
I was to weak to flip you over
Your head you'd rest on my breast
You said they fit better on my body anyways
Locker 38
Where we discussed our first date
You swallowed spit to say
"I know it might be weird...ya know being seen out with me"
I pulled you close and embraced you
Feel my love my dear?
Heaven knows I had my fears...but none of them had to do with being seen with you.
I whispered hummingbird in your ear
'Cause the nights I couldn't sleep you would hum the sweetest tune
I unraveled the moment the testosterone bloomed
Hearing depth in your voice for the first time
You asked how could I love someone like you, the day I called you mine.
Locker 38
You leaned against with eyes unsure
I knew the question was pure
So my answer would always be genuine
I explained that I had fallen
I was never to get up
Jack I said
Stacy is just your long forgotten twin...I except who you were and what you've become simply my dear because you are my love...
My only one...
Locker 38
Where my life begun.
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
My dear your clothes out grow you
Heavy they are upon your back
The life of you they lack
Black and grey
My love your face betrays you
Your legs sway
Leading you down a helpless road
Gravel can't feel any rougher
Your ribs can't get any tougher
Yet they have concealed your backbone
My darling your lies
Reveal you
Your stares make me weak
We had lunch and tea
You spoke but never munched
Your words fed me the sweetest honey treats
My dear your clothes out grow you
Tell me may I walk in your shoes?
You step on my feet as we dance
You tip-toed around soft subjects
Rejecting me a chance
My pet your knee's bend away from me
They uphold the legs too petrified to walk away
You hold me close as we sway
With clothes to big for the body I feel so near
Oh my dear my dear
Eat a bit just to stay
A word mentioned
I'd never say
But I've noticed the things others may
Heavy they are upon your back
The life of you they lack
The soul our good God has taken back....
Naomi Sa'Rai Jul 2013
I would have taken Medusa
Held her in my palms
Freezing you from delicate feet
To high strung arms
I would have knelt to Athena
With a smirk
To deflower a goddess
But you were too wise for that
My flirts would be accompanied with a smack
I would have carried Zeus upon my back
Walking  88,729 miles from the sun
In a race
Where being fifth place
Lets me know I've won
Yes i would have been your reason
Your brown leaves bringing about a new season
I would have brought with me
A silver bow
And golden lyre
Bringing about songs of Apollo
As embers from the fire
Hollow trees
The holes in my heart
I have filled with wine
Dionysus in true of his time
I would have called you mine
I would have loved your beauty
Touched your desires
As i admired
Aphrodite in blue
The color i witnessed
As i kissed you
I would have been clever
As i pulled the levers to your mind
Quick as lightening
To put out the thunders of our fighting
Yes I'd be your Hermes
And I would have named you ****
When your lust for youth was taken
I would have awakened as Aries
Prepared for war
When you had battles within
I would have been a god
To slay your demons
Naomi Sa'Rai Jul 2013
I live in the town
Where kids sip champagne
To forget pain
And chug hennessy
With their enemies
Simply licking down *****
And eating their frienemies
Life's a bottle of tanqueray
Have a seat, listen, stay
The worlds a shot of tequila rose
Complex as a stiffened pose
I live in a town
Where the kids
In a hush
Naomi Sa'Rai May 2013
They said she was saved
Oh but she's a hell raiser
the pages in her Bible don't flip
but her hips shake
faster than a ***** turns tricks
they say she was baptized
by John the Baptist himself
but she came out to her mother
in a christian book store
her cheeks blushed
pink red
They say she flew with the angels
but seduces demons at night
Gods her captain
but she missed the flight
she didn't wanna fly to close to the heavens
But she kissed her rosary
as she clutched the book of Mormon
the star of David tatted across her shoulder
A hell raiser in the true
But she seduces Satan himself
with the holy water sprinkled over her lip gloss
because her kisses are heavenly divine
The scriptures in her Bible
Have no name
unrecognizable from her pain
Shes just Rose Marie
the daunting seductress
dressed in nuns clothes
Flying in religion
to hide her shame
Naomi Sa'Rai May 2013
My detective father
told me my identity
was in my finger prints
so i gazed  upon my finger tips
with no explanation
I pointed to a friend
who said he knew
like the back of  his hand
as he caressed my palm
tracing the lines of the future
I asked if he could tell me something
about my finger tips
he said they were stubby
and dropped my hand
I collected this information
without taking a stand
He doesn't know me at all
My detective father
told me lies
conceal the truth
so why bother?
I lied for twenty seven days
I figured
no one would pay attention
did I mention
I carved the mayan  calendar
my fingers
shaped the future
my essence
On display
tapping my fingers
against the pavement
corrupted Earth
no one knows me from a hand shake
tho they've touched my identity
so when looking at your finger tips
remember it takes so much more
to know who your gonna be
Naomi Sa'Rai May 2013
I began to scratch
and pick
because I no longer had a need for my skin
I feel trapped and suffocated within
its been bought
I began to *****
and moan
because I refused
to moan
and quiver
his lips hadn't made
my legs shiver
or heart race
in fact after he left
the covers I chased
hoping they'd hide all shame
I continue to scratch and pick
and ***** and moan
I refuse to lay in hotel rooms
acting as wife
and be disgusted
When he returns home
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