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Namaste Alfonso Mar 2013
Corruption affecting the young and the old
Keeping the true story untold
For how many pieces of gold would you sell your soul?
Distorting our rightful place,
Responsible for the dirt on the face of every impoverished child

When will the tyranny end so that we,
As a singularity can **transcend
Namaste Alfonso Mar 2013
It seems the greatest love of my life is indecision and strife
Cloaked in illusion and aspiring through dismay
Going through the motions feeling like I'm treading in the deepest oceans
With no chance for a rest

But if you ask me I'll insist that I am committed to resist
The mediocrity and lies shoved down my throat
I know there is a boat out there to save me from despair

No longer in this ocean of reprehensible emotions
I am now free to exist

One look into your eyes has caught me by surprise
Got me feeling this eternal bliss
I will forever remember the day the clouds began to stray
And the sun shone through, leading me to you

I am forever grateful,

Namaste Alfonso Mar 2013
I've fell into a dream
Nothing is what it seems

Shrouds of clarity tear my senses apart
Where am I, why am I here?

A path illuminates and down I go
Seemingly into the rabbit hole

Visions stir inside
Colors flood my mind

Suddenly I awake to my reality
Or is it still a dream

Lost in my reflection
Stranded in my introspection

Is this all there really is?

— The End —