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Mylee Scavarelli Mar 2015
I awaken to vivid flashbacks of dreams that haunt me.
Hurricanes, tornadoes, shootings, falling.
Funny, they all represent the catastrophe of danger and tragedy,
which is what we became.
You gave up on me, you destroyed me, you took away anything good that I had been blessed with.
And now all I am left with is the remnants of times past.
Mylee Scavarelli Nov 2014
"Follow me," she said.
He took a moment to appreciate her. She wasn't always stable but she had sparks that ignited his entire being.
She smelled of whiskey and summer air and her eyes smiled beyond her soulless obscurities.
Where flowers bloomed, that is where you would find her.
She only ever loved when she was feeling crazy, but for him that was enough. Crazy love.
"Don't you know how dangerous to the soul she can be?" his subconscious whispered. Does it really matter? He already knew the answer but sometimes answers only lead to more questions and he was too busy admiring her wondrous ways to ever solve his own puzzles.
Instead, he'd try to solve hers.
Maybe he never would, but maybe he could spend forever trying.
She was worth forever.
Mylee Scavarelli May 2014
You don't become whole until you've listened to the waves roll slowly onto the shore; until you have seen the moon at its brightest peak, giving the stars a competitive motion; until you have felt the stagnant blades of grass blow sweetly across your ankles; until you have heard the rhythm of the earth's creatures at sundown; until you have felt the shattering blow of a broken heart; until you have watched a friendship ignite itself into a never ending love.

That, that is when you have become whole.
Mylee Scavarelli Apr 2014
Wasted breath blowing hot against my cheek.
Tousled hair falls evenly over the cold pillow;
I look up and you are there.
But in a sense, you are not really here.
You're smile no longer offers me peace and your heart has fallen low.
I cannot look into your eyes without feeling despair, and this is how I know that we must end.
You must vanish once again, become ignited with the air that I breathe.
Peace will rule again and my head will clear of rainy clouds.
Mylee Scavarelli Apr 2014
All of me was easy to hand over.
All of me wanted acceptance but more than that, all of me wanted love.
I could not take the chance of running away from my feelings any longer,
because somehow I knew that I would wake tomorrow and wonder where I belong.
Scattered pasts have led me to you and risk is calling my name.
It is never easy to give, but it is easy to want.
Maybe what I can give is different than what I want.
Is it always confusing to seek a love that is unlike any other?

— The End —