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MWestmacott Apr 2012
When we got down, you were there.
Smiles faded, laughter dropped
As you sang by the edge
I've never felt so powerless.
I was disgusted by myself, I couldn't look at you.
You were ready to die.

And so I thought of her. Of your common experience.
This twisted drive within you.
How didn't I see hers?
Play acting is uncomfortable,
But you left without.

"That day was yours already"
That's all I could think,
twisting parts of memory
and conversations I didn't link.

At the start you had resource
and the lightest days were electric.
Complete faith in your smiling course
Proud of the path you picked.

You had the devotion of one,
But the cell of a darker God,
and when he came to block out the sun,
Your dizzy mind forgot.

Mental shadow,
Eternal, lifeless doubt.
How could you.
How could you.
MWestmacott Apr 2012
I have little to say,
But you want to hear it.
I have little to act on,
But you can help me play it.
I have little to gain,
But you give it freely.
I have little to be,
But you want to see me.

It's not something I've had before,
so forgive me if I'm forward,
I've been fighting asleep for a long time.
But your words bring fire,
and I can't help myself.

I know you don't want me,
You're playing,
but I shall forfeit that luxury,
for the depth it lends me.

Thank you friend,
Im feeding,
I'm feeding off your light,
But you don't seem to mind.
God you intrigue me,
you've cut me loose
and I'm grateful for what I'll find.
MWestmacott Apr 2012
# 2
Judging me you see,
the soul of cancer I am.
I cannot let,
I wont let,
You are but my angel,
You are but my friend,
The source you take,
Is the source you lend.
MWestmacott Apr 2012
Too scared to cry,
She holds herself every day,
a simple piece of glass,
That has fractured and danced away.

Living for nothing,
But knowing nothing better,
What can I possibly say to heal your wounds?

A look from your troubled eyes,
can burn my soul entire.
Twisted logic, cruel lottery,
my little victim of a liar.

Bless your innocence and grace,
Your trusting nature and fair face,
Your wanting experience and hurtful sweetness,
But most of all may god bless your weakness.
MWestmacott Apr 2012
It is for you I dance,
My only child,
Its for you that I do what I do.

Together we're swept.
I hung to together,
Whilst you slept,
I could have healed it had I known,

How better are those who fall,
For in time they lose it all,
I cannot help you up poor boy,
I cannot pay you with my precious joy.

So rise above deception,
Give yourself to greed,
Laugh in the face of rejection,
And never deflect your need.
MWestmacott Apr 2012
And the sea that once sung,
will sing again,
the written rhyme undone,
will be write again.

For dancing hope will always shine,
No matter how dark the cage,
A bright sharp tooth to remind,
That you must get through today.

So let your strength burn through your skin,
Claim your chance with both arms,
It is for you that I will sing,
Your own strength keeps you safe from harm.
MWestmacott Apr 2012
Inch by inch,
Breath by breath,
we crawl through our mess
of fingernails and lies

Step by step,
Blink by blink,
we sweat from our eyes and mouths,
to make sure we're living.

When we were younger and more complete,
we didn't know it,
And when our eyes were shut and it was dark,
we found it hard to feel the light,

Shaken little hot head,
broken washed teeth,
crooked jaw and cut up face.

But we have beautiful souls
So to everyone but us we're safe.
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