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Aug 26 · 887
Ink Aug 26
This is a poem of ransom
For the girl crying under dim lights,
For her bruises, grazes and cuts
A ransom for her worn-out eyes,
Her tattered soul
And her eternal sighs.
A poem that would serve as guarantee
That someday, somehow
She will have herself back.
Ink Aug 25
she carried the sun with her
and the wind
with branches leaning in
as though listening
to her breath --
each one a triad
paralleling one after another.

she, herself, was a piece
that needed nothing
to shine
to be appreciated --
she was beauty
striding in constant andantino
locking me exactly where i stand.

adoring her
in every second's past.
Aug 19 · 79
Ink Aug 19
when minds lighten up,
hearts melt
and souls awaken -
they shiver from slumber
and seek heat,
heed shelter.

and do so our minds,
and do so our hearts,
and do so our souls,

they seeked heat
and heeded shelter

mine's yours;
yours is another's.
Aug 19 · 372
Ink Aug 19
She hid and dwelled the night
Strode 'neath the veil of Nocturne's delight;
She knows not
Or forgot the joys of the day;
Of sunshine or playing in the rain.

She often borrowed herself
In thoughts of serene;
In complete neglect of chaos
Trapped in a beautiful scene;
Afraid to see,
Afraid to feel.

So she walked the planet
In full masquerade
With smiles and laughs
Intended to negate
The truth in her heart -
Of emptiness
Colored by a mask.
Aug 19 · 76
Ink Aug 19
It rains:
Raindrops running down
Like razorblades
Bringing the shiver,
The cold
And the hopelessness -
Tears camouflaged,
Falling a grain every second
It was a shame.
Too profane.

I wish i could just melt
To a puddle
Stop my pulses
And quit uttering
Your name.
Aug 13 · 67
Writer's Tease
Ink Aug 13
They waited for the train.
It was raining.

She held a book with white pages;
He held in his phone,
A book in grey thatches.

Matches were burning in each tick,
In each tock;
The sky was crying -
Always ambient.

The bells struck at five;
The tracks started shaking.
They stood up
With eyes stapled within the letters.

It stopped.
The doors opened.
They sat opposite each other.
Same words, same sentence
Same paragraph in the same chapter;
It read:

'And some stars were never meant for your eyes,
The whole sky, never for your arms
And your soul,
Never meant to
Meet mine.'

A few blinks
His eyes found her
And in her eyes was his.

Everything started to rattle.
She smiled,
He smiled in baffle.

The train moved.
Hers went to his right.
His went to her right.

None of them could sleep that night.
Aug 13 · 265
Ink Aug 13
This is where I stop
To the moon,
Stop looking for your eyes
Through the stars;
I'll stop
Clinging on hopes
And fishing for love
Coz efforts are in vain
And latching on to you is futile.
Aug 13 · 64
Ink Aug 13
I fell in love with a ghost -
An entity that exist yet doesn't,
Striding within the night
And the shadows of noontime;
A fractured anomaly
That can neither be chained
Nor blamed for the distraught
Of my thoughts;

I talk to her,
She rarely speaks
Yet when she does,
It feels like she doesn't
Aug 13 · 100
Ink Aug 13
I'd paint you in the night sky,
And the stars would be jealous;
You would out shine Venus
And make Mars sweat water.

I'd take you out
Pass the asteroid belt
And dance you
On the rings of Saturn;
The great Jupiter
Will watch in envy
While l fill your tummy with laughter.

We'd drown ourselves
Within a blackhole
And dine in its event horizon.

I'd introduce you to Andromeda
And tell you that you're way
More beautiful than her.
Aug 13 · 168
Ink Aug 13
She broke him,
Broke how he sees the world;
For the stars,
The moon, the sky,
The way the sun sets and shines,
The waters and the mount'ns - -
They've all lost their wonders.

She broke him
'Coz now he knew
That everything will never come close
To the way she was beautiful to him.
Aug 12 · 38
Whiskey and Coke
Ink Aug 12
She was always my whiskey
and coke
And the warmth on a late night brawl;
She was cold coffee,
My hangover
And my sleep;
She’s the shiver I make
When I lose control
Of the stirring wheel,


The brake
When I hit a wall.

— The End —