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My love suffering was all I knew before I met you.
My love I thought my fate was sealed and I let it go, I forgot anything and everything to do with love.
I lived and cared for myself and only myself, I gave up and gave in to the darkest parts of who I was.
What changed ?.
My love I don't even know.
What I do know is that I've found my happiness,  my faith and strength in your smile , I found my missing pieces in your laughter my love.
I found life in you , I saw my future in an instant when our eyes met.
I remember the night we met as clear as I remember my own name ,i remember thinking how gorgeous you were  and how you probably made the stars jealous that night.
There are not enough words or phrases to tell you how much you mean to me or how fast my heart beats when I see you or think of you.
God alone knows when our time is up , all I can pray for is that when my time comes to an end you are by my side so I may see you the way I saw you that first night.
In your own amazing world of glory awaiting to show me a beautiful future and I you.
So to you my love I thank for fixing all my shattered parts and shedding light onto my dark soul may I always be there to burn the light in your path so you'll never feel alone in the dark or ever be cold.
Hidden behind the vast varieties of
wonderful flowers ,
All a different breed ,
All a different colour ,
Non alike.
She sat quietly in the over growing crowed,
Happy to be as she was.  
Maybe it was luck ,
Maybe it was a coincidence,
Maybe it was destiny,
I found her ,
She was more bewitching than any other I can and will come across,  
Her beauty captured more than my eyes ,
She captured my being,
She captured my soul,
She was a rose
Unlike any in existence,
Her worth
Her beauty
Her being
Unappreciated by passers.
One can only give into her charms
One can only break to her soft whispers,
She was a rose blossoming
More and more every day,
Growing more pulchritudinous.
When we love the sky is more blue than usual,
When we love the sun shines more bright than normal.
When we love the dark sadness decays .
We voyage into uncharted territory, sailing seas both calm and chaotic, pulling day and night to better our voyage to feel the pleasant joy of happiness love gives.
But when we lose...
When we lose our love ,
The voyage to paradise turns into a nightmare of shipwreck,  
We find ourselves shipwrecked on an island of solitude,
left to lick the wounds of our broken ship where we made so many happy memories.
The previous blue skies
Are now no more than
a grey empty abyss ,
and we find ourselves alone left to wonder where it all went wrong.
You suddenly realise that forever was only as long as unearned happiness provided shelter from the world.
Now reality is all that's left of a broken heart and tainted soul.
Is it funny that till today I can't love another ?.
My silence holds me prisoner in my own asylum of solitude ,
while I torture myself ,
I break my bones ,
I break my spirit ,
I break my soul,
by looking back at our memories trying to make myself whole.
Your voice echoes across my mind destroying my ear drums, I shut my eyes in pain and the only relief is the very thing that tortures me.
You fix me and you break me.
You love me and you hate me.
You forget me and you remember me.
All I can chant in this fortress of self destruction is,
"My love for you was always eternal ,
My destruction is internal!."
All this pain and this torture and I still say "I love you" ,
And I still ask do you not love me too?.
There are no clouds
No romantic places
No fireworks.
There's only you
Your smile
Your fair beauty
Your everything.
The way your eyes twinkles in the light, the way your smile lights up the night.
The way your words comfort even the most broken of souls , the way your voice guides even the most tormented souls to the light.
I can compare an eternity of wonders to how wonderful you are but nothing blunders me more than how wonderful you are.
How amazing you are
How you'll always be my dream
Step by step ,
Her arms inntwined with mine
A moment stuck in time
Round and round we go with the hope of never letting go.
One more step closer to the end
One more beat closer to the end.
I look deep within her eyes and I see her looking into my soul ,her sympathy shows she sees my woes.
She holds me close
She kills the cold
And round and round we go.
Her grip loosens
She lets go.
Round and round I go all alone
Left to forever hold on to our last dance.
An undeniable feeling it was
An uncontrollable pain it is.
We were hero's flying through the skies you and I.
Destinations held up high in gods paradise.
Little did we know the devil waited below.
Hands intwined we took on the world day and night.
You came onto me like a divine revelation.
Our reality was not real
It was only made for play
And I your toy.
Suddenly I seamed to be flying alone and I took on the world alone.
And the devil below began to seam more like home and you were a lost side kick on our great vigilant tale.
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