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MSJ May 2013
The only time I feel at peace
is in those seconds --
before I am swept away to sleep.
In those  moments,
all my worries and cares dissolve.
That brief period of bliss,
keeps me dreaming, living, and sleeping.
Because regardless of the troubles I face during the day
By the end of the day they all fade away.
Knowing my day will end with peace in my mind,
that makes everything else worth my time.
MSJ May 2013
Many people are afraid
of the darkness because
of what they cannot see
and what they do not know.
But in the darkness
I feel at home.
The concealment comforts me.
It is the light that I fear.
Illuminations welcome
In the light I have no choice but .
MSJ May 2013
You grow up thinking that love is enough.
Love is magical
It brings people together and can create miracles.
Everyone spends their whole life searching for someone to love.
Wishing for love, regretting love,
Accepting love, rejecting love,
And when does it end?
Loving someone should be easy.
But, In reality, love isn't enough.

— The End —