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Mr Alkindy Sep 8
Whence cometh darkness but came the light,
Shining  and gleaming that changed my night,
I knew as to why as  I smile so bright,
It is you who came to be my snow white
This is a story of a man who was heart broken and for a very long time his life was  a bumpy one. All he could see was darkness.
As he was wondering how it came to be that way, one day he met a very beautiful lass whom he fell in love with.
ever since his life changed and he felt happy once more
  Dec 2018 Mr Alkindy
I’m drenched
in the flood
which has yet to come

I’m *******
in the prison
which has yet to exist

Not having played
the game of chess
I’m already the checkmate

Not having tasted
a single cup of your wine
I’m already drunk

Not having entered
the battlefield

I’m already wounded and slain

I no longer
know the difference
between image and reality

Like the shadow
I am


I am not
Mr Alkindy Apr 2018
i feel lost,
Like a soul with no host,
Alone in the space,
Void in my heart  with a facade face.

In the midst of "FRIENDs" and "FAMILY"
Yet depressed,  isolated and lonely,
Intoxicated with the drink of solitary,
Leaving my soul injured and weary.

Will i ever be complete and  Whole?
Find my inner peace of soul?
Mr Alkindy Apr 2018
Take me out for shopping,
To Pamper  and spoil me,
With priceless beautiful things.

The glimmer and the glitter,
The gems and the gold,
Shining and sparkling,
I want them all.

Iphones and Macbooks,
Golden knitted chiffon dresses,
Classical glassy high heels,
I desire them all.

Take me out on a luxurious elegant Range Rover,
On a magnificent stylish limousine,
For I am attracted to them all.
Mr Alkindy Sep 2017
Oh! you beautiful world lend me your ear,
For i have a riddle for you to hear.

She is a diamond very precious and rare,
Not like stones cheap and found everywhere.

Found only once in a lifetime like a golden chance,
When you lose her, she is lost forever like a night glance.

She is a moon during the darker days of the night,
Shining and litting up the sky for her little star to be a knight.
I dedicate this poem to my mom and all great mothers in the world.
Mr Alkindy Aug 2017
Special Art every soul must master,
To kiss better done slowly than faster.

Let me kiss your soft-like silk lips,
Deeply and romantically down to my finger tips.

Sweetly and smoothly as i taste your *******,
Let me kiss them, tease them, rather simple.

Let me kiss your body inch by inch,
Gently till it tickles and start to flinch.

Let me little give you a peck,
On your sensitive and seductive **** neck.

Let me kiss you hungrily on your mouth,
Just to hear your romantic groaning shouts.

Your lips bowlike shaped and glossy,
Liptastic much lubricious and juicy.

Let me kiss them deeply and passionately,
Tongues touched tenderly and intimately.
The art of kissing
Mr Alkindy Aug 2017
I call upon all the citizens of this great nation
Wise as you vote the leaders of your own selection

Let peace prosper and prevail on this day of election

I and you are the preservers of this generation

And the future depends upon our today's actions*

Let peace prosper and prevail on this day of election

Oh Allah , to you we pray the creator of all creation

Peace we seek, oh Allah bestow it upon this nation

Let *peace
prosper and prevail on this day of election
Dedicated to my country Kenya during the day of election (8th August, 2017)
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