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Moza Mahmoud Mar 2014
Eyes fall in love
but it's
the heart that suffers

Moza Mahmoud
Moza Mahmoud Jan 2014
How do you handle rejection?
When it hurts more than infection?
Even though without an intention?
Leading to mind abstention.
Not forgetting dejection?
Moza Mahmoud Dec 2013
Can you hear me crying?
no cause they are silent tears.
Can you see me crying?
no cause they are invisible tears.
Can you feel my pain?
no cause you can't feel my heart.

You can't see me crying
if you don't look me in the eyes.
You can't hear me crying
if you don't listen to me.
You can't feel my pain
if you don't feel my happiness.

Why am i crying?
Are you worth my tears?
Moza Mahmoud Dec 2013
I'm still at the station waiting
Waiting for him to return
Still in my bridal attire
Waiting to walk down the aisle
Still waiting
     Moza Mahmoud
Just felt like writing at 3am..
Moza Mahmoud Dec 2013
Do we really know the ways of this world?
The current world we are living in?
The world where money is everything?
The world that is full of hatred?
The world that is full of racism?
The world that is full of corruption?
The world that is encircled with negativity?
The world where the poor feed the rich?
The world in which dignity has taken a back seat?
The world in which the rich are given the upper priority?
The world where terrorism makes people live with fear?
The world where your own family members could try to finish you?
The world where power is mandatory?
The world in which **** is now a common thing?
The world in which trust does not exist?
The world in which crimes are increasing profusely?
The world in which some people are living in poverty while others waste billions of dollars?
The world in which your own shadow could betray you?
How do we stay positive in such circumstances?
                                                   MOZA MAHMOUD
Moza Mahmoud Aug 2013
Sometimes life could be so difficult
that you don't know what you are living for
Have you ever thought of running away from yourself
just because you can't handle the people and things out there?

I wonder why we have to live based on people's judgement
when we can  live so happily according to our own wishes.
Have you ever thought of screaming so loudly
That you can feel your breathe slowly leaving you?

Evil thoughts running in mind
that I wish to disappear from this world
right from this moment and be by myself
free from the evil world.
Have you ever thought of that?

Moza Mahmoud.
Moza Mahmoud May 2013
If you are hurt, I am sorry
If its painful I'll give you pills.
Why not make a deal if u heal
Even if my account balance goes to nil
Assure me that my forgiveness is fulfilled

I'll do anything to bring that smile on your face
So you can hide me in your embrace
Even if it costs my life
I'll clear up that mess
After all I'm your love.
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