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leia Jan 2019
“Play it again” kiss me, kiss me, kiss me. I’ll dance with you in the aisle, kiss you in the parking lot, hold your hand at dinner, tuck you in at night and don’t forget about the kiss goodnight. Jukebox baby, play it again. Play that song that releases a box of butterflies in your chest. The chest cavity, holding your beautiful delicate heart. 1930s diner, one milkshake, two straws. No straws, ocean eyes how could I forget. Jukebox lover play the song till we’ve ruined it for everybody. The kind of love that uses up all my quarters. I just want to watch you listen to that song again. How dare I question your love, how could I question mine. I sleep on my side of the bed cause the other is yours. Blue skies baby don’t get lost in the clouds, I know they’re close, I know I’m not. Sit up, breathe in, breathe out. I’m at the edge of my bed, edge of my seat and edge of the world. From here on out I’ll save my quarters. Put the song on repeat, lover play that song. Buy me a jukebox and I’ll make you a milkshake of dreams. A bottle of wine, cork in the stars. Spill them all out to me. Bear me with your fears, let the only burden be distance. We’ve come this far, that much farther, it’s okay. Don’t forget the kiss goodnight. One day it’ll be rolling over, cold feet and bad dreams to hold each other to. A text asking what to get at the grocery store. Buy me that jukebox I’ll say. Well listen to that song until it can’t play anymore. Till we’ve run out of quarters, by then we’ll know the words and I’ll sing it to you softly. Let me learn the piano again so I can listen to you. I want you at all times and all moods. Time zone, mood swing baby just play the song my jukebox lover. A mess but it’s a beautifully horrific mess. It’s our mess and I love you. This love will be built on. Kids will look up to it. Grandkids will ask about it. So when I say I’m looking for quarters, when I say play the song, when I say look at the stars and think of me, I want you to think of us. Think of this extraordinary love story that’s just begun. The light at the end of the tunnel, the finish line, the final level, the last page. It’s us. Two little letters combining two wildfires. Love your heart out, live fully and baby, my jukebox lover I’ll meet you there.

— The End —