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moongazer Feb 2021
She cared for him, and care is born out of love
Maybe she had love preserved for him in a special corner of her heart
Maybe she had suffered immensely for the love she has for him
Maybe she told herself repeatedly, all the reasons he's unfavorable for her
Maybe that was the only way to get rid of the pain she had from being left alone
And now she lives in the castle she's built, so she can't be hurt again
Maybe the love is hidden under the castle, buried deep inside

He was set on a path to hell, alone led astray
Leading to certain destruction, until she lit the way
Alas, he took too long, to get off the path
The long wait was too hard, even on her heart
When he finally realised, the mistake that he had made
He rushed towards her as fast as he could, without realising that he was being too crude
Maybe he finally realised all the mistakes that he made
Maybe he will be able to unearth the hidden love, having been guided by her light
Maybe she will allow him back, to be loved forever and never be left
moongazer Feb 2021
In their hearts, they both saw the light with each other
She expressed through words, he did with gestures
Alas, he couldn't make her see the light that lit within
The storms of life made it harder to see, and even dimmed the light of their love
She waited for him, but he couldn't return, for he was lost in the storm

The sands of time flowed, the storm eased off

She wouldn't take him, when he tried to return, for she was left alone and hurt

He kindles the ashes of their lost love, hoping it comes alive like a phoenix...
moongazer Feb 2021
Perhaps he had expected too much from her
She was an Angel to him, he forgot she was human after all
She had endured a lot, he realised, but she had hoped it would be sooner

Now he waits with arms wide open, to embrace her with all the love in the world

— The End —