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Rose Feb 2014
“Happiness is only for the ones who hold it and use it for its beauty and compelling ways.” He whispered.

Grief covers his face that once held so much lust and enchantment; he once was captivated with happiness’s compelling ways.

“Is it even worth it, sitting around in silent?” His lips tremble and tears are smudged against his face once he attempts to wipe what was once there.

So badly did I want to express that it was worth it, all the aberration and lack of memories were worth t it because I was here with a my hands resting against your lips that shake with the contact that was driving me insane. We could be insane together, for as long as you wanted I thought.

“Let’s run away.”
Rose Feb 2014
The deep breath you take cracks  
Long left to weary and ache
The way eyes are growing with worn out memories
Wounds are weighing on you and it’s numb against my skin
You take my breath away in the most  erroneous way  possible.
Rose Feb 2014
the strange midnight sits patiently

I still underneath it

the mealting lights reflect and i see regret

reminders of the unbearable pieces left to pick.
Rose Feb 2014
12:06 am

Chances sit with a *** of flowers hoping
Laughs are tossed aside and wasted wondering
Fingertips tremble to an older reality
Silent misery is present and constantly swearing
“**** why again?”
Emotions are versions of human’s plays that are finally burning once again.
Rose Feb 2014

Anxiety pools at my feet in a youthful way
A grin left from right and a gift that’s a breath of
Compassion at its peak and a ******* smile at its right
Demanding its play in war
“I see everything.”
My shoulders are dripping in the deepest way possible.

— The End —