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Monica Lee Apr 2012
Butterflies In Me

I meet him for the first time,
Takes my breath away.
I wouldn’t trade a zillion dimes,
For that day.
Later that week,
It was him I seek.
Always on my mind,
Talking to him makes me blind.
Butterflies in my tummy,
Tell me how I feel.
I’m feeling like a dummy,
Falling head over heals.
I don’t realize,
That I’m falling deeper,
Whenever we chat,
I hope your a keeper.
Days later,
There are still,
Butterflies in my tummy.
Monica Lee Apr 2012
I meet him for the first time
Takes my breath away
I wouldn't trade a zillion dimes
For that day
Later the week
It was you I seek
Always on my mind
Talking to you makes me blind
Butterflies in my tummy
Tells me how I feel
I feel like a dummy
Falling head over heals
I don't realize that
I'm falling deeper
Whenever we chat
I hope your a keeper
I've bit onto the hook
And you are the fisher
Reeling me in
Monica Lee Apr 2012
Smiling away
so no one will say
are you okay

Smiling away
to hide my true feelings.
feeling trapped
running when there is no escape.

Smiling away,
to fool myself
into thinking I’m fine
There is no escape
I’m trapped in a cage
where no one can find me
and no one can hear me scream

Smiling away
to hide my pain
feeling trapped
running into walls
in this maze of life.

Smiling away
i cry
i'm in pain
my heart is screaming
doesn't anyone realize
what is happening?
cant they see
what is happening to me
its eating me up
controlling my life
doesn’t anyone care?

They don’t realize
what goes on in my head.
I’m trapped in a cage
where no one can find me
and no one can hear me scream
they don’t realize
I’m dying
i keep smiling away.

— The End —