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mollie May 14
and then suddenly i couldn't survive without you
i needed you like i needed air to breathe

you were my oxygen
but i was your monoxide
mollie Nov 2018
you tell people we were together a month,
two weeks,
a day,
it was only a fling,
but my mind tells me,
we were together long before
and long after,
because i loved you from the moment i met you
and even after the moment you left
mollie Oct 2018
the thing is, brown eyes are just brown eyes
that is until you love somebody, with brown eyes

i used to think brown an **** colour
i often associated it with things like dirt, or rotting wood
in the end, i declared brown my least favourite colour

then i met you

when i looked into them, i no longer considered brown ****
i began to associate the colour with beautiful things
like cups of coffee, sweet chocolate and forests
i saw my life in shades of brown with you

i think what im trying to say is that
your eyes are beautiful
and brown is now one of my favourite colours
mollie Oct 2018
we were both liars
she pretended she cared
i pretended i didnt
the only difference is, that only one of us got hurt
mollie Oct 2018
have you ever missed someone so much that complete strangers can start to look like them
i could be anywhere
it could be anyone
but i never stop seeing you
mollie Oct 2018
they say it won't matter in a month, a year, maybe ten
but what happens if it does
what happens if a year later my heart still aches at the sound of your name
then what
mollie Oct 2018
you don't deserve me
in fact, you never did

i spent my whole life believing that you were too good for me
if only i had realised sooner
it was me
that was always too good for you
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