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Moira Cheng Mar 2016
This is a silent plea
That for once you'll see me
Hoping against hope that this
Isn't another joke
Because looking at your eyes
Makes my soul burn more than sunsets and blazing skies
This is a hope no a wish
One that you cannot hush
Wanting your feelings to be returned
Not thinking if he is a keeper or if he'll let this burn
Not seeing yourself full in his eyes
Contemplating if this is another lie
Being ripped apart by who you love
Is torture enough.

But you let it be
Wait for them to see the injuries
The pain and the tear stained cheeks
Hoping that one day
Your feelings finally meet.

Believing hollow words and silent gestures
When him not touching you feels longer than time you cannot measure
Your skin burning with love, lust, and pain
When you feel him touching you again
Thinking that it's her he's thinking of
It's her clothes that he took off.

Hating yourself for losing yourself in someone torn
Believing love can take all forms
I know I love you but the feelings never come back
You've placed your heart in her sack.

This is a silent plea
That for once, you'll see me.
Breaking my heart to make yours whole
Some of them you stole
Patiently waiting to feel whatever you can give back
Always feeling like I'm the one that lacked.
Moira Cheng Jul 2015
Fingers gliding on her soften back
What could a moment like this lack?
Tips dancing on his elbows and shoulders
Thoughts swimming for endless hours

Crying skies and cool tiles
The distance measured by the car dials
Blankets thinning around the corners
The chorus yelling “you’re my curse

Lips against the softest part of her neck
The cool breeze sweeping through the deck
Collections of moments frozen
There importance deepen.

"oh what I’d give for more moments"
Moira Cheng Oct 2014
Ropes dividing bonds of time
****** hands gripping tight
Sides are made
Destruction a sure fate

The battle almost lost
Everything is at cost
A war never meant to start
Yet fiery pain still fresh in their hearts

Death still burning in their eyes
Being criticized by those who don't realize
The pain and sorrow
Of seeing someone lose their tomorrow

****** hands letting go
Giving up the war to show
the pain of sorrow
The pain of being alone.
Moira Cheng Jul 2014
Letters jumping off the page
Not like normal words that stay in place
I close my eyes and hold the tears
And just pretend that I'm not here

Stupid is the word they used
Cause the letters I see wouldn't fuse
They laughed cause they didn't know the pain
Of seeing words and not knowing their name

Writing down things that never looked right
Seeing failure in near sight
I stopped to even try
Not seeing how dyslexia could give me pride

Confusion growing in my head like vines
So I just sit and act like a mime
Tears starting to to brim my eyes
I shut down and begin to cry

How can dyslexia give me pride?
Moira Cheng Jun 2014
Whispers creeping in ears
Little to what truth is actually here
Another lie so easily told
Just beginning to take its toll

A knife is all they need
A knife to deliver their deed
At the back is where they take the plunge
Cowards that couldn't face the front

Speaking with words full of spite
They think they have all the might
Destroying another life
Can't anyone make this right?

Saying mistakes that were never made
Believing, they set their fate
Twisting ropes as tight as the lies
They try not to cry

Not seeing hope or seeing the light
They take the jump and pretend to fly
Moira Cheng May 2014
A whisper in the dark
A shout in to the noise
A fear of the one who catches my eye

Unextraordinary is all I see
In the mirror in front of me
A breath I cannot take
An imperfection in every wake

Perfection is not the word for me
Neither is infinity
With uncertainty as my life
Why bother to bring in light?

But the more I hide in the dark
The more you come with a fire
Like a grenade I shall explode
I shall destroy

As water fills me up
I drown those around me
I shall not bring you down
Not with me into this depth

After my darkness you still fight with a light
Giving me hope and giving me life
A chance to live a dream that is not yours
To make me believe in infinity as a choice

In the sky I feel my hope
Away from here do I feel a prize
With you who carries such a great light
I feel alive

Feeling our connection grow
I see your imperfections show
Like I am you and you are me
In that there is immortality

But then your light turns to gray
I feel the ache of the pain
With every cell lighting up
With no one to make it stop

The feeling of our infinity going astray
I can't help but remember and pray
I thought you were the only light
But now you have given me a life

One to cherish with all my might
I can't thank you enough for your time
For even in a short time
Have you given me a life time

I know the stars don't favor our love
But you cannot choose to ignore it
You cannot choose if you get hurt in this world
But you do have a say in who hurts you

— The End —