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Nazreen Nawi Nov 2017
Dear May,
How are you?
Its been awhile since i have heard from you,
I miss the conversation we had,
I miss the moments we shared,
I miss you,

Dear May,
You rejected me once,
And we stop talking since,
I wonder  if the second time could be the charm,
Maybe it would be a "yes" this time.

Dear May,
Its a dream of mine,
To be yours this time,
Our relationship would be  so fine,
Like stars it shines.
Nazreen Nawi Nov 2017
I'm back,
Back from the depth of loneliness,
It's been far too long,
Not knowing what is love.

Back to being me,
The carefree human being,
Who is not consumed by the mainstream,
The so-called 'different' among people.
Nazreen Nawi May 2016
Exams has come.......
Books, Notes and Papers
Scaterred across the table.
Stress and Fatigue,
Haunts the body and the mind of people
Questions and Answers,
Found and Lost in calculations.
Time and Space,
Becoming a scarce resources.
Thats the price to pay,
To strive for excellence.
Fear not,
The lifeless shall be repaid with success.
A success which was once a dream.
A dream which is now shall be a reality.
I'm having my final exams!!! What am i doing!! >.<
Nazreen Nawi Apr 2016
Never felt such despair,
Cruelty of the word NO,
Thoughts about you and me,
Rejection that you gave me.
Once in a blue moon, i felt such despair.
Wanting a YES, yet the one you gave is a NO
Now i know,
Rejection isn't what i yearned.
So i got rejected. Gotta continue with life.
Nazreen Nawi Mar 2016
Road to success aint gonna be straight,
Dont expect it to be smooth.
Though the life goals are parallel with our efforts
Sometimes it'll never meet.
Road to prosperity will be filled with zig zag of challenges.
Add technology to the equation,
You'll have a big hole of distraction in your way.
Your will,
Your effort,
Your passion,
Shall be the remedy in creating a straight line to success.
Just a thought while waiting for the bus.
Nazreen Nawi Mar 2016
Like how gravity pull us to the ground,
Our dream comes crashing down.
Its not about the effort,
Its about life,
You aint gonna strive for excellence,
Sometimes you gotta strive for error
Repair, Improve and Change.
Life will drag you down.
To remind you about hardship.
To go agaisnt the odd.
Nazreen Nawi Mar 2016
Body aching,
Head is spinning,
It feels like the world is upside down.
I can't sleep.
I can't even close my eyes.
The pain.
No, its not Insomnia
Nor its sleep paralysis.
I'm scared.
My body sweat.
What to do
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