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MMV Abad Sep 2011
A hymn inside my head, your voice so dear,
you haunt me in my sleep and in my wake.
Somewhere deep within, your whisper I hear,
crisp and clear, as perfect as a heart ache.
Sad images I keep, nightmares I take.
Still, I go forward onto my own road,
towards the rising sun for my soul’s sake.
How I’ve prayed my heart be free of this load-
of the memory of your lovely voice,
or a tomorrow not meant for this world.
Thus, heart’s happiness is always a choice,
to go on and live as a wise man told.
Forever lingering, scars will not mend,
yet, someday its feel a forgotten fiend.
(c)MMV Abad as Phoenix Montoya @ January 28, 2011
'Letting go.'
MMV Abad Sep 2011
Steady pour of the rain,
a hypnotic hymn.
The morning air grows cold,
a warm blanket’s comfort.

Must get up for the day,
no more time for delays.
Still the entranced mind sleeps.
Ten more minutes, please.

Some moments gone astray,
satisfying embrace.
The blanket’s coziness,
my sweet pillow’s softness.

Waking up with a start,
panic gripped my heart.
Peaceful moments, a bait.
Now, I am really late.
(c) MMV Abad @ Jun 15, 2009
'Another ten minutes - a typical latecomer‘s regret.'
MMV Abad Sep 2011
Life can be a burden,
sometimes maddening.
One can feel the pain.
This world can be tiring.

In my darkest moment,
I wanted to run.
With such bitterness,
wanted to end everything.

But, there was always you.
In my desperate hour,
you’ve given me hope,
Shown me my path to go.

You might not realize it,
I’m so glad you came.
You gave meaning to my life.
Thanks for being here.
(c) MMV Abad @ December 15, 2008
'For all my family and friends - for making this person a lucky one.'
MMV Abad Sep 2011
Lovely day
sunny sky
Brightens me
Lifts me up
A new day
Full of hope
Inspires me
Excites me
Friends faces
Lots of laughs
Easy talk
Delightful walk
Then it pours
Icy cold
Spine tingling
Reaching the soul
Lonely day
So grey sky
Happy heart
Turning sad
No changes
Helpless case
My deep sorrow
I need to go.
(c) MMV Abad @ December 15, 2008
MMV Abad Sep 2011
A little girl was excited,
on one special gift, delighted.
With the sweet thought, she slept,
hoped for the promise be kept.

Early morning, there were gifts,
boxes with beautiful lids.
From the love of her father,
pretty gifts like no other.

But the little girl frowned.
The missing gift was learned.
Her father, she was hoping,
had left for a meeting.

My friends, the message is clear
In love, remember so dear;
It is a commitment.
Let time be its fulfillment.
(c) MMV Abad @ January 9, 2009
'A loving thought is not enough.'
MMV Abad Sep 2011
They are charming figurines,
molded in smooth porcelains.
With the sweet face of a child,
their lovely wings speak their kind.
Garbed in robes of white and gold,
they are quite a dear to hold.
Such beauties in Christmas trees.
Some real wonders to see.
Yet angels are more than that.
They are messengers of God.
An angel represents hope,
a promise of peace and love.
(c) MMV Abad @ December 22, 2008
'More than a Christmas ornament.'
MMV Abad Sep 2011
Three wise men searching.
In a wide desert, looking.
A child was promised.

Myrrh, gold and incense,
wonderful presents they bring.
Fit for a true king.

A bright star, their guide.
Its light illuminating,
showing the right way.

Upon a stable,
the star shines brilliantly.
At last, He is found!

Shepherds are gathered.
Animals around are hushed.
The place is tranquil.

Angels are singing,
voices soft yet glorious.
Rejoicing for Him.

And there, the child sleeps.
In a soft manger He lays.
The world is at peace.
(c) MMV Abad @ December 23, 2008
'The nativity retold.'
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