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Mathew Kohnen Nov 2019
Between my dreams and reality,
Lies the lens I peek through
And capture my illustrated story
Mathew Kohnen Aug 2019
I travel the back roads
Running to places I cannot return to
I am not lost
Mathew Kohnen Aug 2019
            Did will be
Become would have been?
Mathew Kohnen Aug 2019
Gathering the fragments of shattered lives.
We must enter the chaos
Follow Dante’s path into the fires
Where innocents are dragged to the molten evil,
Boiling in the dark caldrons of the abominate soul
We are not born of heaven
Yet salvation can be ours to give.
Fighting deep within the chaos
Finding each lost soul, embracing the disparate
Even as our minds seek solidity
Battling the chaos of the unanswered why
Mathew Kohnen Aug 2019
Some **** set off a firecracker in the crowd
Something hot running down my back, waistband is soaked
Dizzy, the ground is coming up
Where is everyone? Can’t see
I hear screaming. Think I’m screaming. My head is screaming
Mathew Kohnen Aug 2019
Standing in shock, emotionally pummeled,
My life a wooden house washed into the sea,
Lashing waves peel the clapboards and the sea takes it.
The fabric of my being slides in tatters over my fingers.
She bundles the strips and ties them to a kite made of prayer.
Hand in hand we watch it rise.
I see everything I had leave as I grasp all I need.
Mathew Kohnen Aug 2019
The glowing cross
Framed in black skeletons with
Tattered green flesh flapping in the wind
It guards the fall
Beyond, the peaks where fire rises
Lighting the sky
Bending knee, bowing head
God is here
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