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misty blue Jul 2011
her heart
an open wound

like an ulcer on the skin

to their love, body and soul

they were to walk as one in this world

from the past keeps getting in the way

only causing pain

ashes of lost love
left to blow away in the wind

eventually to disappear
like a forgotten soul once loved
misty blue May 2011
my dead friends
taken in their youth

believing in the future

believing dreams come true

believing in true love

believing everything is possible

only to have it all taken away

my dead friends
taken in their youth

they died too soon
misty blue May 2011
seven days straight on the *****
in drunken stupor your mind you loose

demons and devils fill your head
wanting only to be dead

with knife in hand you start to cut
burning your skin with a cigarette ****

consumed by morbid thoughts of death
you long to breathe your last breath

confined in your mind
your words are bitter and unkind

i beg

i cry

love is not enough to make you stop
there is nothing I can do

i cannot watch
i walk away

thank god that was yesterday
misty blue Apr 2011
there is a chill in my bones
i can no longer feel your sun

my heart aches
winter is already here

fog surrounds  me
engulfing me in numbness

bitter cold has taken hold
tears  pour like rain

How I long to have your arms around me
misty blue Apr 2011
Our hands flow over each other
like water

teasing  tongues lapping every inch of each other
like ocean waves

devouring each other
like wild animals

hard and soft come together
like sugar and cream

desiring as we melt into each other
like chocolate

arousing each other we become one
moving to a rhythm only we can hear

burning like a candle until the flame is blown
misty blue Mar 2011
i know the deal
they give us birth
push us out
we learn hurt
i've watched the coffin dip
i drank from the bottle tip
any **** you throw at me
i'll spit it back in your face as poetry
i don't need to read the good book
i have you by the hook
a woman who could have you on her platter
if needed your weak heart i'd ******* shatter
i have you by the ***** *******
so pucker up and ******* kiss
i will devour your every wish-
misty blue Mar 2011
caught up in cyberspace
you cannot see me

your body is here
the mind somewhere else

i walk past you naked
you do not see

you **** with my mind
not me

i feel numb
lost interest

I think is time for you to leave.....
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