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Miss Honey Sep 2018
I'm still daydreaming
of the slow stretch of your spine,
your collarbones along my raw lips
Find your new home in me
Alongside rubble that I tried to clear long ago
We'll make baby baskets
and carry all our eggs in them
Take our tea to the garden each morning
I'll show you which herbs taste as sweet as your dewy cheeks
Please darling,
Sink your toes into my soft earthy heart
It feels like lamb’s kiss when you do
Meant to be
on slow mornings with racing hearts
Miss Honey Aug 2018
The creek beside us in its
lines and waves,
and your hands just the same
Sing me our willow song
one more time
before the sun goes down
Sing into my open mouth
once more
Of the tiny spiders,
and their silk
Woven through the hair on your arms

The peach fuzz on my cheeks,
soft as lambs ear against yours

Should we hang our linen in the granite caves?
swim into the shaded creek
Should we take apart each inch
of each other's skin
Just to feel what's underneath?
Miss Honey Aug 2018
I say,
touch me weakly
even if
the nervous flutter
of your fingertips will not reach my heart
I still need to feel you
Miss Honey Mar 2018
The honey may be gone
The light may be dim,
but the woman
in your bed
is sacred
Her name feels holy
and her touch
is the closest
I’ve ever felt to God
Miss Honey Mar 2018
I can still feel her hands
lingering touches
the top of my thigh
the valley of my hip

I can still feel her ear
pressed to my chest
and the rumble of her laugh

since yesterday

since the coffee, melted around her palms
since the air froze
I wanted her close
swinging dreams in front of me
close enough to blur,
to mistake for the mid-day sun

it’s all a time game now
how long will she take to leave me?
how long will she take to stay?
Miss Honey Mar 2018
Romanticize your nightmares
Become unstoppable
Build houses in the terror
And force it to live beside you
Suffocate it under relentless new growth
Miss Honey Feb 2018
Spring makes me soft
I just wish
there was a spring
that did not break me harder
than the year before
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