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~ hands ~

Your hands were perfectly
designed to hold mine,
to weather any storms,
we face together in time.

I love how your hand
fits perfectly in mine,
how our fingers touch
and gently entwine.

I love being in your arms
where I feel complete,
where two hearts meet
with pounding beats.

Hold my hand in yours
and never let me go,
a love so beautiful and tender,
we've come to know.

Copyright @ 2016 by Miranda Zekanovic
~  blind to see ~

Words I penned with
you on my mind,
two hearts hurt,
when eyes were blind.

Seasons changed
and so did we,
leaves fell off trees,
we failed to see.

Eyes were blind to
see what was there,
too blind to see,
there was some care.

Seasons changed
and so did we,
for all that's happened,
was our destiny.
Copyright @ 2016 by Miranda Zekanovic
~ deep inside ~

Take me to a place,
deep inside your heart,
a place I want to know,
and see every part.

Tell me all your dreams
you feel deep within,
a place you feel confident,
deep inside your skin.

Take my hand, and I'll take
you to my place inside,
a place within my heart,
to discover and never hide.

My heart will love you,
with nothing for you to give,
I'll love you unconditional,
with a beautiful life to live.

Copyright @ 2015 by Miranda Zekanovic

— The End —