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Milica Markovic Apr 2013
There is Excalibur,
the sword inside you, firmly stucked,
petrified along with your heart
inside of huge cold rock.
I will get it out,
it will melt in my hands as a snowflake,
in the very moment I put it on my palm.
The blood will come through the hole
warm, vivid, red as my lips when I bite it
to keep those two words from coming
and collapse the entire world of us.
It won't hurt you,
oh no,
on a contrary,
you'll be happy,
maybe for the first time in your life,
you'll be happy to feel
happy to touch
happy to share
happy too much!
Milica Markovic Mar 2013
Play dead.
Keep your eyes closed.
But someday
you'll give up
'cause light will atack you
from the inside.
Hold your breath.
Don't let it burn my skin
I might like it.
But you couldn't do that forever
and I'll be there when you inhale again.
Pretend you're deaf
for all tender words
coming from my mouth
I know if I keep saying them
long enough
you'll believe
they're your own.
Stay blind
for my kisses
my hugs
but for sure
soon you'll realize:
I'm not the best
but I'm everything you need.
Milica Markovic Feb 2013
Afraid of feeling love
Afraid of making love
Afraid of giving love
Afraid of taking love
Afraid of cherishing love
Afraid of dreaming love
Afraid of sharing love
Afraid of knowing love
Afraid of waiting love
Afraid of getting love
Afraid of loving love
Afraid of hurting love
Afraid of healing love
Afraid of me…
Afraid of yourself…
Afraid of us.
Milica Markovic Feb 2013
I should have known...
It was simply too good to be true...
What can I do?
I can’t play like you do...

See this tear I can’t hide,
see this pain I can’t take,
this cut bleeds, it’s so wide,
too strong heartache, for God’s sake!
Milica Markovic Feb 2013
One day
I will break
This pearl shell you' re hiding in
And I will discover brand new side of you
And you will see completely different side of yourself.
I will prove that you're a  pearl,
My precious.
My treasure.
„But I'm black“, you will say.
„Even better, darling,
even better.
It only means you're worth more than you think.“
Milica Markovic Jan 2013
I know that you also feel-
we almost had it for real,
now everything we try to make
seems so shallow, cheap and fake...
Milica Markovic Jan 2013

You’re going your way
not telling me why
I can’t make you stay
that’s why I cry
you’re going away
saying goodbye
I must let you go
then I will die…
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