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mike dm Jan 2019
is there anyone out there
that is actually real or
am i just being spammed
by the void?

i think the void is
definitely spamming me but
why would it when
every single person
is following it?
mike dm Jan 2019
tumescent ruin,
grabbing my
pompeii. mass grave
palming after massive
onslaught from those
unmasses of
darkest mame always.
mike dm Jan 2019
drinking hard cider in
the dark. the art
of sad is mine.
mike dm Jan 2019
i love you - i
always have -
like natural flavors.

and just as the sun's hurt knee
is yellow number five,
my pale blue flame is underneath
the bottom of fate

looking for a good home cooked meal.
mike dm Jan 2019
i cut carrots and kale
and eat it w soup
delaying the doom of this, this
mike dm Dec 2017
the dark
is just a star
slow rainbow soup
mike dm Dec 2017
twofist head muscle: kineval.
but really iz jus 2:15
shoelacegazing in a prefab park gazebo.

texty fingertip slinger.
chase that dragon.
kickin fake jordans
in a tomb called Khufu

diffuse serial NOONSDAY scenario:


yuh know, that


from alphabet soup news to
netfizzle huludoodoo,
twiddling its Neros.

V iz for silent
in the actual voodoo
that’s been silenced
with dogooder silencer.

this is all so
prolly. so
follow me.

anyway resistance is feudal, ‘cause
evil doth hearts a good fight.

“evolve?! nevar!”
quoth the flat noted, dorsal
Dept. of Unkindness
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