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McKayla Henry Oct 2018
The mask is greater than the man.

Sitting motionless and colorless, you wouldn't dare guess he's fearless
when hiding behind two holes and a nose
He sits a very scared little man.

An anxious and weak, small man.
A man who can't look his server in the eye,
A man who sits nervously on the subway,
The same man that convinces himself five times that he has in fact locked his front door, regardless of the seven times he's checked before.

He's lonely.
Lonelier than the budding flower with no one to enjoy it's beauty
Lonelier than the naïve, bopping teen that truly thought she was loved deeply.

But the disguise he wears keeps him company in dark times.
It reminds him that victims cannot poke fun when you have already poked the victim.

Warm bloodstreams pour from their wounds, soothing the hidden man's very own wounds.

His mask allows him to be free,
even when it's the very thing that keeps him chained.

They say anyone can put on a façade,
but very few men are greater than the mask.
McKayla Henry May 2018
He calls me M.Ery when I'm writing,
and honey when I'm sweet with kisses.
My ears ring with lover when he's wrong,
and mini dancer when I sway.
I'm darling when he needs me,
and love when he's too blue.
His devotion has many names,
and I hope he knows, mine does too
McKayla Henry May 2018
Lace on my thighs and fringe around my neck,
more is revealed than the flowing crimson blood.
Bleeding deeper and deeper with every slowed breath.

Deeper than the girls I see with their shoulders against the wall,
the dream girls with their purple hair and tattered tights.
My neck growing saturated with strawberry nightmares,
but at least they like my tattoos.

I feel the black cats circling my ankles,
cries of hunger and any form of normalcy or stability.
It feels familiar, like a hymn from my childhood
throbbing between my ears.

Overlooking other's carnage is easy, until it's your own.

I don't know what this means, but it comforts me.
McKayla Henry Nov 2017
I dance barefoot in my driveway,
letting the cold gravel indent into my toes
making me feel like a kid again.

I can still taste the rocket pop syrup on my lips,
and smell the grass stains on my levis
Sitting in my sandbox, staring up at the clouds.

Dreams of being a writer, an explorer.
Someone with intention and aspiration,
who stays glowing with fire.

The childhood within me finally came to age,
and I hope she's as proud of me as I am.
McKayla Henry Oct 2017
Hot pancakes at 11 PM,
dark roast coffee that burns my mouth,
Vanilla wafers and skim milk,
Moby's soft meow when she circles my toes,
the view from my messy desk,
frigid winter days,
frigid winter nights,
showing others my favorite movies,
feeling myself,
hearing loved ones say my name,
the thought of a stable future,
forehead kisses,
bad cult classics,
spontaneous day trips,
the ability to live for new things,
the feeling that I'll make it out just fine,
now knowing I'll make it out just fine
McKayla Henry Oct 2017
Waiting rooms with gray walls and spotted brown carpet,
Scattered with crying babies and outdated magazine stands
Tideous clickings of pens on clipboards writing in medical histories

Everyone is waiting on something here
and for the first time, I don't feel sick in the lobby

Smooth words with hungry conversation stay my new elixir
While the impulses in my brain dispell
and the world dwindles into states of impertinence

Who knew good company could soothe the cure for a neuromaniac
McKayla Henry Oct 2017
One of the seven hues our eyes perceive on the rainbow spectrum,

I used to lie in bed and wish I could lift the burden of the darkest shade of indigo

Deep denim like the veins in my arms, the ocean at night, and the thoughts swimming deeply in my head

My eyes, a steady tone of cerulean, brighten glassier than the sky on a clear Summer's day

The smell of Spring and new life, tiny robin eggs, and sapphire forget-me-nots

Eating arctic cotton candy with berry jelly beans, my tongue stays an artificial tone of teal

Blue makes me feel human and I'm trying wholeheartedly to live in full color
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