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Mike Patten Sep 2016
Don't let people judge your life's story,
just because they walked in on a chapter that's boring.
Mike Patten Aug 2016
She stopped saying goodnight,
so I stopped sleeping.
Mike Patten Aug 2016
Exterior beauty,
without the counterpart,
of a kind soul,
is merely decoration.
Mike Patten Aug 2016
She once thought,
she wanted to be a poet,
but deep down,
she knew,
she wanted to be a poem.
Mike Patten Aug 2016
No mountain,
nor sea,
not one thing in this world,
could keep us apart,
for this is not
my world..

                     you are.
Mike Patten Aug 2016
I dislike the truth about cities like ours;
the cities of footsteps and phones.
It could be only me and the wide open sea,
and I still wouldn't feel as alone.
Mike Patten Aug 2016
Simple thing to be an addict, been at it since I was young,
harder to be an emphatic fanatic with iron lungs,
take a second, roll a blunt cause this isn't for fun,
thing about being an addict, is that it has to be done.
Simple thing to be a fiend and be green with some wicked ***,
harder to have a clean routine and be someone that you're not,
found that drugs are only fun until the day they're not,
might as well enjoy it until the day that they're all I got.
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