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Michaela Moffett Dec 2013
Spirals of anxiety
Traveling through your mind
Sparking your senses,
The sharpness in your chest is defined.

In the wakes of the moment,
it arrives at your door.
You try and ignore it
But that's bringing on more.

You try to stand up
It's pulling you down
Heavy lids,
Tight chest,
The blood drips down.
Curing you for a moment -  a moment nonetheless;
It spirals back down from your heart to your chest.

In grey sparks of dull
The colors reform,
The anxiety bursts into life and hits you once more.
You can't back down - not without a fight.

And when you ask me how I'm doing
I'll say I've never been better -
let's just remember this won't last forever.
Michaela Moffett Dec 2013
She took the pills one gloomy night
In hopes to fulfill her blight.
The stains of her sorrow now coat the floor
A deep red only she could adore.
Pretty pools of dark bliss
Swirl around in a mocking tone,
"One more cut, you'll be all alone."
Not even the thickest bandage could heal
These forsaken thoughts of glory,
For within these wounds there held a story.
Michaela Moffett Dec 2013
Grasping who you are…
Is like no other feeling…
It’s as if you feel nothing but your heart does…
It’s as if you're whole but you know that you’re not
You feel nothing but this strange, desperate feeling in your heart.
And as you wait for the missing piece,
It will seem like forever
Eternity even
The day you felt lonely
Or the week that dragged on forever
Or your once favorite pair of jeans,
that never changed but just don’t seem to have the same effect.
Or your favorite meal, that just didn’t taste good
Or that rainy day that you hated
Or when your favorite song that never seemed to leave your head… did
Or the year you lost your appetite
And even your friends.
It’s all for a reason.
But you think otherwise...
Feeling the depression
Letting the sadness sink in,
You think
Maybe you lost yourself
In the mess of your childhood
Or in the mess of your head,
Then comes the hatred…
Lightly knocks,
Pin-pointing it at first,
Then spiraling down all at once,
Your life *****,
Your life *****.
The numbness won’t leave
These jeans just won’t quit
This weathers too much
This song is just annoying
Sorry mom I’m not hungry
Why does no one like me?
Then comes the answers
Or so you thought
No eating
Just bleeding
And listening to rock
You’re used to it all by now,
You’ve shut yourself out,
mom go away.
You’re now addicted to your pain,
That when you feel anything but,
You freak out and want that cut.
You fight the urge,
Scared that someone will see
It’s getting out of control
No mom let me be.
I’m fine
I’m fine
Just tired that’s all
Using excuses from your childhood
And from the mess in your head
You’ve developed anxiety
And you’ve let your life spiral out of control
You’re now broken, and lost
But isn’t that just what this is?
You feel nothing but your heart does,
You know you’re whole but you’re not,
There’s a strange desperate feeling
From the missing piece
And that’s all.
You’ve forgotten your roots
In this materialistic world
Gotten ****** up in gossip
Now forever and alone
Lost I am lost
Michaela Moffett Dec 2013
There once was a girl
Who crashed and fell,
For reasons she would never tell.
For if she does they might fade,
And push themselves into a deep dark grave.
The unspoken truth between the two
Just might get you bundled up
But for them it fills just like water in a cup.
Swaying and mingling
Oblivious to the world
The reasons slowly spilled,
And faded into the deep, dark grave
Of his heart.
Michaela Moffett Dec 2013
I light the fire,
Ignite the flames,
In hopes it will engulf me,
In its childish games,
See I’m sick and tired,
Done with it all,
Maybe if I just take that plunge
Into the depths,
Of the darkest sea,
Then maybe you’ll come back for me.
Michaela Moffett Dec 2013
The feelings are getting ****** out of me
Replaced with the dizzy, the drastic, the desperate.
My stains grow deeper day by day
And it gets harder to stay.
Nothing to live for,
broken and combust,
Just an open bleeding kaleidoscope
spreading dull colors over this glass-stained world.
Such an organic breathing waste,
that gun is calling my name.
Michaela Moffett Dec 2013
Rouge bruises
Shallow breaths
Slowed heartbeats
Stomach in your chest
Dizzy steps
Hands hidden away
Self-conscious glances
You begged her to stay
This sadness consumes
And death just looms in the form of a razor
Pretty stains of red,
Proof of thoughts left unsaid.
Stares of envy toward one another
Materials so overrated
Yet Rich will never be outdated.
A silence dripping with screams
Eyes coated in pain
And when this pain ends,
So will I.

— The End —