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Michael Parish Jul 2020
The dead black  quilt falls across my face.
His purr puts me down and I sleep.
Michael Parish Apr 2020
Beef is like nothing.
Chicken is Fine.
Michael Parish Feb 2020
The old worthless winter dies.
Daffodils go to work.
An early bird bombs sidewalks!
Michael Parish Feb 2020
Black and topped Whit swirls
My hands make refuge on
Thin feelings.
Forget your glasses!
**** the phone.
I love you.
Michael Parish Oct 2019
This kid was fired
ready to rap
born with trials
sleepy with credentials
ready for theworld as a whole
tired of leaving it slivered
unborn in the case
resurrected with champaighn
and solve poor boy
makes it roar
upon the streets
roars make beats
we live it all
worlds far away
from stardom
bricks spouting freedom
take this
and tell me
if we all deserve
to be ourselves
ring love
with seldom days
when earth went to far away.
troump with that head
marble in freedom
brake asty verse
make it your resume
your life's work
is everything you do
quit playing aces and
skip around the decks
lift your eyes in the brine
see everything as sunchine
take every breath and think
in the unwakable places
make a dark mine lite with
golden cqracels a dream against
unrully time
listen in
keep your Whit's thin
look at every stranger
and know what they are.
cry through ur life
walk in nite
listen to your mind.  
it's always part 1
Michael Parish Sep 2019
the screwcap gets me everywhere I walk.
Michael Parish Sep 2019
a cold instinct happened
I turned to the rite
a river wakes me up!
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