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Run little wolf, do not be afraid
this world belongs to who
pay the price to remain untamed

if you get lost, do not be ashamed
push on and keep your north true
run little wolf, do not be afraid

as hunger strikes, remember the game
the weak will always be food
pay the price to remain untamed

howl out loud until your voice fades
watch as your pack comes to
run little wolf, do not be afraid

no matter the threat don't stay in the shade
stand and face it no matter how few
pay the price to remain untamed

when death draws near, never pass blame
he comes for us all and your time is due
run little wolf, do not be afraid
pay the price to remain untamed
When I was a boy I envied the wolf
To roam freely in the forest
and run with a pack at my side

When I was a boy I envied the wolf
thrill of the hunt on my mind
fighting til death one and for all
no one left behind

When I was a boy I envied the wolf
until I crossed the line
and learned too late the price to be untamed

When I became a man I put envy away
for the truth was no longer blurred
predator and prey both suffer the same
and now I stand the shepherd
Hell bent on destruction
He hits the road alone
Nothing attached to hold him back
Just a sin filled past to atone

liquor is strong on his breath
Hair of the dog on his wounds
Fiery eyes reveal darkness inside
he'll carry that weight to his doom

Most days hes feeling better
but tonight hes doing worse
when verse wont work he starts the search
to escape the ceaseless thirst

When the night is over
bridges burning in his wake
he steps right over ashes
and think of the coals hell rake

on the hunt for good distractions
He knows just where to knock
In the next fight or a new love
Just another chaos
Why am I always so optimistic about the future? Truth is I've always been drawn to negative things. Anything people would normally avoid I'd find myself running towards. At first it was probably my natural distrust of people. How could I put stock in their opinions as they tell me how bad my choices have been and when I look a little closer all I can see is them being even more ****** up than I am.

At least I'm honest about it. The way I see things, there cant be any room to grow if your always hiding behind some pristine illusion. Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming perfection or anything but I am striving for it and that has to count for something. Admittedly, my sins may be greater than the average but, I've always maintained a strict code and not once have I crossed it.

I get it though, its easier to judge someone for who they were than to take their measure every time you see them. Especially when that person doesn't hide from their past. Just understand it's not apathy that you see but acceptance. It was all of those bad decisions that led me to do all of the good that I've accomplished. It was a reaction. The pendulum swung so far in the wrong direction that when it changed course it had enough momentum to push me even farther in the right one.

So, I guess what I'm really trying to say is yea, I do have faith in a better tomorrow and of course I believe that a person can change. I have to.
Tell me what is it you know of the darkness. Have you ever felt the electric shock run up your spine and freeze your muscles as you watch the end of your life unfold before you

Tell me have you prayed to every god in hopes that one might abolish your shame. Sitting on your knees until the blood pools onto the floor beneath you and dries becoming sticky.

Tell me how far have you gone to numb that pain. Have you picked fights with terrible odds and reveled in the drunken mess you've created.

Tell me have you ever escaped on the slimmest chance and tasted how thin the air becomes when you realize just how fragile it all can be.

Tell me do you live for that moment? I do.
I'm sorry if my being so forward made you uncomfortable But, I don't take it back. I meant it. Truth is I think we've played at this game long enough. From day one I've made it very clear that I'm into you. You've always carelessly laughed it off. If you'd continued to do so I'd know I've missed my mark. Instead you now fight with such ferocity. Showing that spirit I love so much. Reflecting your true feelings by accident.

I know we work together and your situation is complicated. None of that matters to me. Yea, it may be awkward for some people. The way I see things, that's none of our business and they can deal with it on their own. Don't be surprised. While our electric stare's and hours of parking lot conversations have been incredible. I'm coming for more. If you know one thing about me its that I don't play games and I **** sure don't ride the fence. So, if i'm wrong when I kiss you right now you can slap me or leave and never speak to me again. Whatever you want; right now you can have it.
Watch out for the strong willed
for conviction will inspire
yet uncompromising in nature
it will **** you when he lets you down

watch out for the tender hearted
for ideals are infectious
yet impossible to live up to
it will **** you to see her hate you

watch out for the one you love
for their influence will alter your path
yet in the end you'll want to change
and be born a better man
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