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mic Apr 2017
A person may live or die
Tears of sorrow, never cry

A person can rise from the dead,
When lives forever in one's head

Memories that are close to the heart,
Are God's way of creating art.

Formed in an instant, kept life long,
These little things carry happiness all along
mic Oct 2016
I just want to look at you
I don't have to come to your rescue
Even though I want to, I can't stay
So grant me this pleasure from faraway

I watch you everyday, from faraway
Unable to even make casual remarks
Cause I know we'll have a spark
So let me keep on going from faraway

I want to reach out my hand
And stop you in your track
But you'll only reply with a comeback
So grant me this pleasure from faraway

I know you don't know me
But I surely know you
Always follow you wherever you go
So let me do as I please from faraway

I want to grab your hand
And stop you where you stand
Get on my knees and say my vows
So grant me my wish and say **yes
O.o the start of this poem makes me sound like a stalker XD
mic Sep 2016
My heart's been punched
By a man I thought I loved
He stole my heart and tore it in two
In the end he left with you

You were my friend or at least that's what I thought
You knew him and left my side for his
For that I can't forget

I can't forget the smile you wore when you said 'good bye'
I can't forget the laugh you gave when I said 'stay'
I can't forget and nor can I forgive

The man broke my heart
I can't forget, but I can try to forgive
You, my best friend left me for him
I can't forget and nor will I forgive
mic Aug 2016
Don't you remember the time you said you loved me?
Don't you remember holding me in the street?
Don't remember kissing me on the dance floor?

What about all the promises that you made?
What about the gifts that you gave?
What about the time we spent together?

Don't you remember saying you loved me?
Don't you remember sneaking out at night?
Don't you remember driving me home?

What about love?
What about promises?
What about us?

Don't you?
Don't you remember me?
mic Aug 2016
Here I am to worship
Here I am to love you
Here I am to say you are the one

Yet where are you now?
Do you really love me?
How can you leave me far behind?

I thought you said you loved me.
I thought you said you need me.
I thought you said you would never leave me far behind.

All these things you said.
You broke them all  in three words.
Now I wonder if you were really right for me.

I'm crying my heart out.
Hoping you would turn back.
Pick me up and say everything is alright.

You never turned back to me.
Never came running back for me.
Just left without a trace.

Now I'm angry at you.
How dare you leave me.
How dare you break all your promises.

You said you loved me.
Said you would never leave me.
Said you would stay by my side always.

I know now
That was all a lie.
That you're never coming back to my life.

Yet my body aches for your warmth.
My soul aches for your touch.
My heart aches for your love.
My mind just can't help it but think..

*Where are you now?
mic Aug 2016
You don't know love till you've felt the pain
You don't know love till you've felt the pleasure
You don't know love till you're running down streets to find your love
You don't know love till you're begging for a second chance
You don't know love till you've met someone like me
You don't know love till it's gone
You don't know love till it tears your heart apart
You don't know love till it has chilled you to the bone

You who have made one false accusation on me
You who have blamed it all on me
You who refuses to see
You who refuses to know what's in me
You who refuses to understand
You who refuses to know.

I now see.
I now know.
Everything has changed.
You don't know me & I don't know you
** You don't know love
mic Aug 2016
Am I a poet?
Is this what I have chosen?
To live my life expressing things
That I have yet to feel?

Am I a Poet?
By doing this what will I gain?
What would I obtain?
Not much I guess

Am I a Poet?
In the world there's so much to do and say
Yet through it all I can only nod and pray
So through these poems  I voice my thoughts
In hopes I will gain profit not loss
ugh, this poem doesn't rhyme :(
But whatev, hope ya like it ....
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