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Mia Sep 27
You took my happiness away,
Yet I'm begging you to stay.

I guess I just can't help but getting hurt.
Mia Sep 19
She claims it’s love.
Locking me inside an empty home,
Twisting my dreams into nightmares,
Stealing my tears,
Wasting my time.
It’s all love.
I don’t believe it.
I never did.
Mia Sep 18
A garden in the backyard,
The garden of our dreams
The garden of our childhood,
Do you see how odd it feels?

Our hands no longer touching
The softness of the mud,
No longer flowers blooming
Does it scare you that I'm mad?

Our mom still swims in tulips
Father withered years ago,
Maybe if we close our eyes now
We won't have to see him go.

That's the garden of our childhood
The garden of our dreams,
We can never face adulthood
For its poison still exists.
Mia Sep 18
I gave her empty promises.
I just told her to see the bright side of things.
And she did.
She saw the bright side,
She saw through it.
She didn't scream while burning,
She embraced herself and whispered,
"I'll finally be free."
We threw her ashes into the air,
From the highest building.
She was free.
Mia Sep 18
He’s the owner of two eyes,
Eyes that claim to see the pain
Called the devil in disguise,
He tries to hide a red cloth stain.

Every time he goes to sleep,
All he dreams is blood and teeth
In a sin bath, he sinks deep,
With a sharp knife to **** with.
dark knife killer ****** eyes pain blood dark sin devil
Mia Sep 17
Eternal happiness they wish me
I don't think that I deserve,
For my sins have far long crossed me
And my end I can't defer.
Mia Sep 17
I’m sacred.
I’m scared of breathing.
For that’s the greatest crime.
And it kills.
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