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they only make us human.
little boys used to scrape your knee.
now, they break your heart.
i am not supposed to feel this way about you,
but, i do.
i like ice cream, one scoop.
danny likes smelly stuff, chicken ****.
i see the view clearly,
through the window.
but, sometimes the window gets fogged up;
and i draw my own picture.
the way i want it to be,
the way i'd pictured it to be,
the way i'd thought it to be.
but then,you wipe off the condensation.
and i see the picture,
until it get's fogged up again.
maybe the stratosphere isnt as great as it is said to be.
i mean,
i'm no scientist,
but even i've figured that out.
you and me,
holding hands,
in the sunset.
we fall in love.
we were planing our wedding.
then all of a sudden,
briiing, brinnng.
my alarm goes off.
now, my excuse is insomnia,
so i dont have to go back to sleep.
i am afraid;
because,in my fantasy world,
everything is perfect and real.
but then,my alarm goes off,
and i wake up.
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