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Jul 2010 · 858
sleep beckons me,

almost as much as the thought of you..
Jul 2010 · 658
the only way for a dream to become true,
is to wake up.
Jun 2010 · 940
final word.
Mar 2010 · 572
more fun.
life is more fun with a ***** mind,
ask dannnnnnnnnnnny, :P
Mar 2010 · 694
there is a weird creature under your bed.
and it's hungry.
so, beware.
danny has one under his bed. and it makes out with cats. how weird is thaat?
Mar 2010 · 504
when i'm gone,
Mar 2010 · 472
winter is cold.
winter is cold,
summer is hot.
if you want to some something,
i reccomend ***.
Mar 2010 · 737
they only make us human.
Mar 2010 · 602
little boys.
little boys used to scrape your knee.
now, they break your heart.
Mar 2010 · 1.8k
i am not supposed to feel this way about you,
but, i do.
Mar 2010 · 4.4k
danny likes chicken poop.
i like ice cream, one scoop.
danny likes smelly stuff, chicken ****.
Feb 2010 · 1.1k
i see the view clearly,
through the window.
but, sometimes the window gets fogged up;
and i draw my own picture.
the way i want it to be,
the way i'd pictured it to be,
the way i'd thought it to be.
but then,you wipe off the condensation.
and i see the picture,
until it get's fogged up again.
Feb 2010 · 824
i'm no scientist.
maybe the stratosphere isnt as great as it is said to be.
i mean,
i'm no scientist,
but even i've figured that out.
Feb 2010 · 1.1k
fucking alarm.
you and me,
holding hands,
in the sunset.
we fall in love.
we were planing our wedding.
then all of a sudden,
briiing, brinnng.
my alarm goes off.
now, my excuse is insomnia,
so i dont have to go back to sleep.
i am afraid;
because,in my fantasy world,
everything is perfect and real.
but then,my alarm goes off,
and i wake up.
Feb 2010 · 1.3k
body language,
my body language says,
i hate you;
stay away from me.
all i really want is for you to hold me close,
in your arms;
and tell me that you love me.
Feb 2010 · 505
your world.
you're my worldd,
and i would give anything to exsist in yours.
Feb 2010 · 2.1k
nasty ass red bull.
fly with me.
i would do anything.
build a plane,
rent a jet,
buy a hot air ballon;
maybe even drink a nasty *** red bull.
sprout wings, and fly.
with you.
i would do anything.
Feb 2010 · 711
if you will.
whatta joke.

if you will.
hahaaa :]
Feb 2010 · 525
too bad,
youre a DUMB, *****,
that nobody likes.
too bad for you!
this poem is a joke, my bestfraan :]
Feb 2010 · 1.1k
You can't spell ****,
without a U.
Feb 2010 · 973
youre the reason i go to sleep happy,
and content,
and sleep well;

that is.
Feb 2010 · 670
Santa Claus;
Love is like the Santa,
or even the tooth fairy;

you have to believe.
Feb 2010 · 1.7k
in oxygen,
blood is red,
and oceans are blue;
but even with no air,
i love you.
Feb 2010 · 853
The Stratosphere.
Our love is like the Stratosphere,
but yet,
wonder filled,
and beautiful.
some people may say i am dim,
or even unintelligent;
let's be real;

even Shakespeare said fantastical.
Feb 2010 · 1.1k
a clown;
some say i'd be a clown to love you;
well then call me "Bobo"
Feb 2010 · 1.8k
Global warming.
like an island,
i sit here surronded by water;
you are my global warming,
the reason i will be swallowed by the surronding ocean;

of my tears.
don't judge a book by it's cover;
don't judge a book by the first few pages;
read the summary.

is the book worth reading?
Feb 2010 · 593
that word stings the most.

Guess i deserved that.
Feb 2010 · 485
Open your eyes.
He says he loves you;

but, open your eyes.
Are you seeing the truth clearly?

Open your eyes,
you're a smart girl.

Or so you've been told.
Feb 2010 · 579
i am a girl;
girls do dumb stuff,
selfish stuff,
that they regret;

i am a girl.

— The End —