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Mia Feb 2013
Silence that i'm trying to hear

Hoping to find out what does he really mean

My prays to not be broke again

Crying on  my pillow counting how days and nights went to fail

Between my heart and my mind i totally lost the battle,

I thought it would be like a fairy tale but it's only a virtual jail

My heart the centre of all the blame couldn't stop it from sparkling a fancy love

Lost my mind for a while but waiting for a fair goodbye

Convinced we don't belong to the same page neither a chapter

so i took a step and i wrote for him words that i couldn't say all along
Mia Feb 2013
Cause lost with no direction

Was my unique destination

Couldn't choose a way

I have no way

My mind burned by all those thoughts,And i got no affirmation

Twisted up side down ,Is there any translation!

For those intuition

I feel haunted by frustration

And in doubts i have seeked for explanation

Thinking i may come upon the truth but ''Worry is a misuse of imagination''

I have  lived  in the middle of contradiction

Can't count anymore how many times i stared to white walls without being paralysed by hesitation

Every time i try to make things  right it all goes wrong

People showed me no mercy when i'm  too fragile ,they treated me like i was made from none

There was a day i woke up with fears to lose my breath and not having some one else to replace his missing place

Could'nt stand the footprints that people puts in my heart and take it away once they leave

They say people come and leave for reasons

Since when there is reasons for my self bleeding!

Could you make my soul come alive?

Could you drive me home through waves?

And i feel like lost with no direction  

Wished for a happy isolation

Around nature, trees, flowers

I will find somehow my self in such place

I thought my laugh would save my life

If only i can take the time back i would change

The regrets that kept me lost in a wide space

I will land somehow in a safe place

Live prosperity and serenity to the bones

No hateful malignity ,no heartless perfidy

Would make my heart beat for hate

I was born clean just a smile in the face

And all i have  known that happiness is the key to life

and there are dreams and ambitions i should chace
Mia Feb 2013
A un instant je me sens perdu

Rien n'est claire ,en fait c'est l'inconnu

Le moment ou je se réalise qu'il y a de vide partout

Rien na de sens de bonheur

Tu es là! mon âme !c'est toi

Tu m'embarques dans un monde féerique

Tu as éveillé toutes les beaux sentiments qui peuvent exister

Je m'épanouie je m'en noie

Dans tes profondes pensés ta douceur et ta fidélité

Comme une étoile filante tu as crossé mon esprit, mis fin à mes soucis

Ou je vais m'en allé sans toi le coeur dans moi peut s’arrêter

Je m’éloigne , j’essaye d’écrire ..mais ton nom est la seul mot que je connaissait

Une mélodie qui se répétait

C'est un mot d'amour m'inspiré de se croire de nouveau a notre destiné

Rêvons d'une nuit de silence des gouttes d'eau tombé

Une atmosphère de pureté

t’essuiera mes larmes

et je serais emporté au delas de ton charme...

— The End —