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MGoering Oct 2012

When you love someone
more than they will ever love you
It grinds you down.
Invariable disintegration
Of self esteem and ability to experience joy
Occur when someone is betrayed maliciously
By someone they legitimately love.
The only remedy for this agony
Is to surrender wholeheartedly to your love,
Either they love you as much as you love them,
Or you die,
In which case,
It won't matter.
Love is arsenic killing the bacteria in the milk,
And slowly poisoning your spirit.
The only antidote is surrender.
MGoering Sep 2012
The bloodred silk sheets are cool and sleek,
like a snake you slither across.
Seductive viper, with coal black eyes.
You suprise me in my evening slumber,
pulling down the sheet
you expose my naked body.
You savor the sight,
like a lioness over her prey,
you pounce pinning me.
You always awaken me this way,
and you catch me at attention,
waiting for you.
So I glide inside as our ***** collide,
in my candlelit chamber
our screams of pleasure are trapped inside.
I cannot hide my desire,
for this passionate union, of gasping mouths
alternately harsh and gentle groping hands,
I reach up to touch your face, and you **** on and bite my fingers,
and you can taste the *** in my fingertips.
More than breathing I need to fall asleep inside you.
Warm fluids on our thighs
We can change the sheets tomorrow.
MGoering Sep 12
MGoering Sep 2012
So many beautiful
Wasted words,
that die unconsumed
or else we eat our own meals
In shame,
or throw them out in disgust,
Why keep a log of failures
when the redundancy of its content
only illustrates our foolishness.
Worshipping *** and violence as dark gods
because we are all excitation driven animals.
We fail to comprehend the divinity of these acts.
A merging of twin energies, such as these
creates wild vortexs of contrary  paradoxes,
overwhelming conundrums of need and desire.
We beg for destruction,
for we know that the longing can only be dulled,
the aching throb creeps along our day,
seeping in to enslave us in this cage.
In the horrific spiraling mania,
hands reach out, but loving arms are torn apart,
with declarations of desire and dedication
being shredded and scattered to whirlwind.
Long ago, I said this, with a foul mouth,
and you deserved so much better,
So I will say it again, so that perhaps this time
it will adhere to your mind, and fuse with your spine...
You are beautiful in the mirrors of my eyes,
and I carry your image stapled to my brain,
with the words
I love you,
carved into my frontal lobe
with a ceramic knife,
forged out of the powdered bones
of our failures.
Our victory lies
in knowing that our restless lips
await each other with all the patience they can muster
until I am able to touch you
and draw you to me,
so that I can pull forth
the divinity inside of you,
and merge it with mine
in a maelstrom of *** and violence.
MGoering Sep 12
MGoering Sep 2012

The spiritual and corporeal depths of your beauty
transmute cliche into novelty,
ridiculous hyperbole and silly fantasy
become literal reality.
My paltry verse shall always fail to convey
the way in which your beauty imbues me with conviction.
All of your incomparable charms,
have conquered my doubts.
I wish only to be with you,
and to dwell together with you
in the luminescent radiance of our love.
When our bodies meet
we release a heat that burns like a thousand suns.
This weary countenance of mine
is transformed in an instant
when you smile at me, and tell me
you love me, as much as I love you.
And I laugh, because I know it can't be true.
How can anyone love me as much as I love you?
And yet,
You do.
I feel such power coursing through me,
when I think of our love.
With you I become everything,
without you I am nothing.
MGoering Jul 2012
Every moment we are apart
I dwell in the radiance
of the time we shared together.
It is a collection of moments that shall never fade away.
Through cerebral catabolism
I devour my past,
and taste the delicacies of my memories.
I sustain myself on the spirit of your loving affection,
and the fantastic myriad of tactile recollections
of your yielding, warm, supple skin.
Like silk spun from flesh, every caress
sends reciprocating waves of elemental ecstasy,
careening down the nerve endings,
like out of control engines of pleasure.
I cannot help but sigh a single sharp exhale,
of contentment coupled with sadness.
Yet I relish every sigh, that I release
when I sigh for you.
I would shoot myself in both feet
and walk across the salt flats in summer,
to place a single fingertip on your lips.
Do it now yourself, and see
the sensual sensations your body delivers
in every square inch of your loveliness.
Max Goering July 2012
MGoering Jun 2012

Voices may be silenced,
heads may be severed.
Hearts may be infected,
and overwhelmed by hatred.
But love can never be overwhelmed.
Love can be censored, and enslaved,
and deranged, and mismanaged,
but never fully eliminated.
I would slash out at the fascists,
fire shots into the face of the tyrants,
but my arm has atrophied,
my eyes have glazed over,
my vision has dimmed to shadows.
If it were not for the love
I myself have already spread,
and for the love I carry, like a perfect parasite
clinging to my essence, like a loving tick,
I would already have quit.
If I could shout out my anger,
if I could give voice to the voicelessness
I would.
But all I have the energy to do
is to simply state,
that while my words do not ring out
from the shadows like they once did,
I am still here watching, and one day I will speak again.
I kiss and curse, and caress and slash, and sing for and spit at, all of you.
I love all of you.
I need some time alone, to refocus
my art, to stoke my anger, and distill my love.
I am stepping away,
for now,
but I will not run away,
I will return.
We live on through memories,
whether our own, or others.
Your memories linger upon my senses,
even as I pen these lines.
Even If I wanted to, I could
not, would not leave.
Calling what I feel for you
is just applying a symbol
to something that is too powerful
to be defined.
My feeling for you all...
it transcends.
Max Goering June 2012
MGoering Jun 2012
I could spend an eternity
enjoying your loveliness
from the neck up alone.
The gentle contours of your collar bone
I would graze ever so lightly with my lips.
With kisses I would climb
to the throbbing artery in your throat,
I could ****
an entire day
with my hands
and my mouth
on your neck.
But then I would neglect myself
the singular pleasure,
of your wondrous lips,
the image of which I carry with me
in the gallery of my mind,
amongst the memorialized pleasures that have been bestowed upon my eyes.
But my love for your lips, pales in comparison to the single minded adoration
your luminescent eyes command.
Ever since I have seen,
those eyes have played over me
strumming the chords of my passion
with wanton abandon.
I could spend a joyous lifetime
staring into those eyes,
but the rest of your perfect head
would be neglected,
and I couldn't live with the thought
of your ears not being kissed,
the lobe gently ****** upon
soft kisses distributed
on the tip of your nose,
both perfect eyebrows,
from crown to chin.
Then after spending some more time
on the slender column of your neck
our lips would once again unite
our eyes would lock.
As I feasted on the luscious delicacy
that is you
from the neck up.
Max Goering June 2012
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