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This rain is driving me insane with lighting and thundering oh how much will you put me in pain
I need my lover right here next to I'm about to explode from within my inside of me
I need your touch and your lips on me.... while my heart is beating fast with every legs are weak and start to shake...bring your body and lay

on top of me. As I rub my hands all over your body and my lips start to kiss your neck... I need you so badly you making my body sweat...just take me and I'm yours...
then kids come into the room I wake up to it was only a dream...
All I can say is **** I was about to explore
All the pain I see in the streets and so sad on the tv
Our babies are dying and young kids are being killed
What has this world came too...
I pray for the better day to come out this darkness that has fallen onto our people & this world
When will we wake up from this horrible nightmare,,,
Or will it be too late to let the sunshine in again
My heart is heavy and all I can do is a seat back and pray and make sure
I teach my kids not to go the wrong way.....
Life is sooooo precious why do people take it away......
How is blood thicker than water...If the blood is the one draining you and holding you down. talk bad about you and never want you to be better blood

hurts you more than water will... trust me I have seen with my own eyes and felt the pain of blood....water don't know you and will help you as fast as you

blood will...yes it's crazy but this is real...ask your blood for something and they were quick to say they don't have it...let water ask for something they fly and give whatever they ask...I witness this with my own two eyes...

So how is blood thicker than water...
Over the years we had come close to each other in mind, body, & spirit
Getting to know someone takes time and patience and understanding
you got to be willing to hold on to good the bad and the ugly lol.....

But let go of the past cause you never be able to move forward with that person if you want to make it last. hold on to how that person makes you smile, laugh, feel. Most of the precious time yall spend & shared together that brought us together as one.
I'm putting my everything into this relationship

Cause I don't want not to know what real love feels.
If it only for a little while. My heart said to take a chance and put your heart out there. So I did now look at me back in love again.......
I open my eyes to see you not in bed with me
where have you gone?
Will you ever return home again?
Or should I put you in my past.......
You said til the end of time you will never go anywhere
You lied to me.....what happens til happy ever after
You found someone to take my place thought you would get treated better than I would treat you
That was a lie... Now u all skin and bones.... I pray you find happiness and peace in your life
cause it will never be another me.......
All the pain I have buried deep inside of my world
I'm too scared to let it out
Will you still love me the same way
after I tell you my past
will you look at me different
with your loving eyes
how can I open up to when I know people judge
you on the way you look &  your past history
so I rather keep it to myself
And continue to live my life the
way I want
All the what if in my head
What if u leave me for another person
What if we last people on earth
What if I lose my mind and go crazy
What if this is our last day's together
What if sky turn black and there more daylight
What if the sea creators start to walk on land
What if we get a woman for president
What if I became a millionaire
All the what if.........
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