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Melissa Taylor Jan 2013
I want to live where the sun shines
I want to wake up each morning and
taste liquid gold
eat brightness for breakfast
I want to touch feather-light fire and
let its warmth seep into my skin
to my bones.
Melissa Taylor Nov 2010
You know how i feel
when i look into your eyes?
No, you dont.
Because I've never told you.
Although, if i did,
I dont think words could
but I'll try-

Adrenaline ******
Pouring fire
into my heart
slamming my viens
over and over
my fingers tingle
my chest contracts
it seems
you pull the air
out of me.
Those unbelieveable
brown eyes
just one look
forever burned.
You are what i want.
What i am fighting for,
to keep you,
to love you,
to hold you,
begging you to stay.
Im searching for
your answer
and in that
one second,
when our eyes lock,
I cant breathe.
But i can feel the smile
tugging my mouth
And that's all i need
to know.

you make me
Please, before you
look back at me
so i can at least
what once was
and what, for me,
forever will
Copyright Melissa Taylor 2010
Melissa Taylor Nov 2010
It's funny
how i thought i could trust you
after so many times,
you let me down.
Funny how
i never got tired
of seeing your face,
even after every lie-
and i never will.
Really funny
how i always
come crawling back.
no matter what you do.
So funny
how i love you,
and will never stop.
even when you stopped
loving me.
It's funny how
i am the one person
that was there for you
but you
brushed me away.
It's funny.
and i am laughing
while you cry.
Copyright Melissa Taylor 2010
Melissa Taylor Nov 2010
you are an itch that drives me crazy.  A rash that spreads across my heart.  Poison ivy has nothing on you.  You make me scratch and scratch till I bleed…but still, no relief.  Inflamed is my soul, waiting for the burn to stop…will it ever stop?  Fingernails digging grooves into swollen skin, I need ice, snow, something…anything to stop this fire.  But its no use.  For every ounce of relief I gain, you sting me twice as hard, reminding me that you will always be there.  Buzzing around me, crawling up my back, swarming my body.  Making me writhe.  Yet only you can stop this.  Only your cool skin against mine, only your sweet breath, your touch.  You are the only medicine.  The only one that can help me.  Your kiss is the only relief.  Your love is the only cure.
Copyright Melissa Taylor 2009
Melissa Taylor Oct 2010
crimson lipstick
and rosy cheeks
hot, wet tears
she never thought she'd
see you die
lying on the ground

and you
pallid features
stone cold cheeks
ice engulfs
your heart.
blue and blue
surrounds your body
as death claims your space
your icy lips,

and then.
a moment-
their lips did fuse
and for a second
created purple
Copyright 2010 Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor Sep 2010
Lava molten moving
Slowly eating
Burning burying
Rolling down
The hot black
Grey smoke plumes
Twirling trembling
Orange and red
Crackling surfaces
Silent destruction
The ground shakes
Like a snail
It moves.
Violent and massive
Fearsome fire
Cataclysmic 1883
Copyright 2010 Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor Sep 2010
The Summer is here...or was, once.
I remember it, beautiful and green.
The lush hues unbroken
shining in the golden sun.
green stretching for miles,
and i loved it.

But soon the fields began to change.
The sun burns too much.
moisture evaporating,
air becoming dry.
And the green was slowly dying,
on the lips of Summer's mouth,
and just hot breath was left
and even that was dissappearing.

The Fall was coming, waiting.
For Summer to leave.
Gently helping
by dousing the trees with kerosene
and it dropped the match,
while i was pleading, begging
for Summer to stay.

But the fire had started,
the leaves began combusting
and i could do nothing
but let the world be set ablaze.
The green melted into
golds and oranges.
Reds and browns.

And i was left
with falling leaves
and a promise
that Summer would come again.
Copyright 2010 Melissa Taylor
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